Big Brother 15's Jeremy Wipes Butt With Elissa's Hat

Big Brother 15 Jeremy Wipes Ass Elissa's Hat BB15
Big Brother 15's Jeremy wiping with Elissa's hat

Yet another disgusting moment in the BB15 house! Can't say I'm really shocked, this sort of thing is simply to be expected this season, isn't it? Sad but true.

This time it's Jeremy who outraged BB15 fans after he literally wiped his ass his Elissa's hat. He actually pulled his pants down and rubbed the hat inside of his bare butt-cheeks.

It happened on the Big Brother live feeds at 6:55pm Tuesday, July 2, Camera 3.

Aaryn and David witnessed it, but you can bet no one will say a word about it. Jeremy was called to the diary room shortly after the incident, but we can only speculate (at the time I write this) whether or not Big Brother called him on it.

It's times like this you really wish Chef Joe was in the house, cooking food for the house after not washing his hands...

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