Elissa Slater Before & After Plastic Surgery

Elissa Slater Before and After Plastic Surgery
Elissa, before plastic surgery shot

BB15 fans on Twitter have been posting pics of Elissa Slater (Reilly) from at least a couple/few years ago, and in the pics Elissa definitely looks much different than she does on BB15. Plastic surgery? Enhancements? Certainly, but I'm no plastic surgeon, so I'm not going to guess what she's had done. It's safe to say botox was on the menu though.

Elissa's enhancements definitely made her look more like her sister Rachel than ever before.

Big Brother Elissa Slater Plastic Surgery
Elissa Slater after plastic surgery

It's clear Elissa has had her lips plumped considerably. Especially the upper one. The botox has lifted her brow and lids, but I'm not sure what else she's had done (besides boobs, duh). One thing's for sure though, girlfriend has a major ROCKING bod. It's incredible and I give her huge kudos.

More before & after plastic surgery pics:

And here's a clip of Elissa on Anderson Cooper (before surgery) for being a bridezilla:


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