BB15: Elissa's Crazy, Destroys Her Game

BB15 Elissa's Crazy, Destroys Her Game

What a crazy night on the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Tuesday!

Elissa took a 180 degree turn and ended up pissing off her alliance, exposing another, and attempted to flip the house. Why? Damn near everyone thinks production has something to do with it... Here's a recap of the BB15 craziness:

Spark up your flashback live feeds to Tuesday, July 23, 3:16PM, CAM 1

Elissa is talking with McCrae, Amanda and Andy outside on the furniture. Elissa says it's making her mad that Howard's been swearing on The Bible and she takes her religion very seriously. "It's a part of my daily life. It's not part of my strategy."

Amanda assures her that "everyone knows you never compromise anything." Elissa responds bitterly, "I honestly don't care what any of you think, that's my life."

Elissa thinks Andy is laughing at her when really all he he wants is her to quiet down. He's worried the others will hear them talking about Howard. Andy's making big hand gestures and getting anxiety over the matter.  Elissa won't quiet herself and she's getting pissed at Andy & MCCrae. It's totally obvious what Andy's intentions were, so I have no idea how Elissa interpreted it the way she did. Unless, well...production.

"I don't appreciate you, McCrae, laughing about it," now she rips into McCrae who is just sitting there. McCrae was simply laughing at Andy, who was struggling to shut Elissa up.

Elissa keeps on hammering the guys.  "I work in charity and ministry," she says, she doesn't appreciate their reactions. So she leaves.

"WTF just happened?" asks Andy, whose face has made every possible facial expression in the past 5 minutes. "She misinterpreted," answers Amanda.

Andy & McCrae head to the bathroom to apologize to Elissa, she's showering. Once she comes out she says she doesn't want to talk to them.

Elissa refuses to hear their apology and says they shouldn't flatter themselves. That she wouldn't "put on a show" for any of them. Andy says he wasn't laughing at her, that he was telling her to quiet down because she was talking about Howard and Gina Marie and Kaitlin were nearby.

It falls on deaf ears.

(Lockdown time! Everyone enters the house. Perfect timing, eh, production?)

3:24PM Jessie enters the room and tells them to quiet down because their voices are carrying through the house.

Elissa continues talking about how important her religion is. The guys eventually smooth her over, but she is fired up. Judd comes in. He says that Spencer is trying to "use" religion as well.

7:33PM CAM 1  Elissa tells Kaitlin she wants her to stay in the house and she wants Aaryn to go home. Elissa suggests she should confront the house. She also hints that Aaryn told her that she needs to expose Kaitlin's secret alliance with Spencer, Howard, Judd and GinaMarie.

Aaryn overhears.


 Hell starts to break loose.

Helen hears about Elissa trying to flip the house and she goes to try and talk to her. Elissa is talking to GinaMarie and Judd and she shuns Helen when she arrives, saying she'll talk to her "in a minute."

Helen is livid.  She vents to Judd and, of course, ever present Andy. Elissa is telling GinaMarie how Aaryn should be the one to go because of the racial, derogatory things she's said and for lying all the time. Cams switch to Helen. She storms back into the bedroom where Elissa and GM are.

Meanwhile, Judd distracts Kaitlin outside of the room. "What is going on?" she asks.

In the room GinaMarie tells Helen the rumor is that she, Judd, Spencer, Kaitlin and Howard are in an alliance. She's laughing like it's the most ridiculous thing she's ever heard. Kaitlin comes in soon after and Elissa throws Kaitlin under the bus, saying Kaitlin wants a meeting with the house. Uh, that's not exactly how it went, but okay.

Kaitlin, who has no balls throughout this entire fight, basically shrugs and says she will gather everyone to talk about her alleged secret alliance, which she denies she is in.

With most everyone there (minus McCranda, Candice) a fight gets rumbling between Elissa and Aaryn. As much as I don't like Aaryn, Elissa was a total nutcase throughout this fight. It was confusing and out of character for her.

Elissa says she never told Kaitlin that Aaryn told her about Kaitlin's secret alliance and she denies ever hinting or even suggesting it was Aaryn. LIE. Aaryn calls Elissa out on it and Elissa sticks to her story. She's a really terrible liar though.

BB15 Elissa Goes Crazy

After lots of prodding, Kaitlin FINALLY admits Elissa did say it was Aaryn, but she says "everyone's name was mentioned." She totally pussed out. Where was the catty biotch we saw the first couple of weeks? (Later in the night Kaitlin bitches about Elissa wanting her to lie for her.)

Aaryn is livid that Elissa is lying. Elissa keeps saying that it has nothing to do with Aaryn, that "this is about Kaitlin." Aaryn says hell no, you mentioned my name, and I overheard you talking about me, so damn straight this is about me.

GinaMarie interjects with her pearls of knowledge occasionally, always bringing it back to her while denying the secret 5-person alliance. The fight eventually ends, but shakes EVERYTHING up in the meantime. Helen & Elissa, who we thought would be strong to the end, no longer share that rock solid alliance they once had and the new target has become Elissa, who isn't going anywhere for at least another week.

Do you think CBS BB15 wants Aaryn out so bad that they are using Elissa to get her out this week? 

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