Did Howard Sexually Harass Amanda?

What happened between Amanda and Howard on the Big Brother 15 live feeds last night? Did Howard say something inappropriate and sexually harass her, or is she lying about it for some reason?

It happened so fast you may have missed it. Here are the Facts:

5:09 PM JULY 30 - CAM 3

McCrae is outside talking to Helen about his ability to sit for long periods of time (go figure) and at 5:10:06 the cam suddenly cuts to the kitchen where Amanda and Howard are. Howard whispers in Amanda's ear for two seconds.

This is what we see:

BB15 Amanda Howard Sexual Harassment
BB15: The whispered comments, was it sexual harassment?
Howard leans in and says something to Amanda. She quickly moves her head towards him as if to say, "What?" He leans in again and says something. His hand movements suggest that whatever he's saying, he's being open about, and he feels strongly about it.

Conveniently the sound was always on McCrae and loud Helen, so all we hear from Howard and Amanda's conversation is a laugh from both, then Amanda saying, "Thank you."

Right on cue (Andy is everywhere), Andy comes walking in. Amanda stands there, still with her hand on her hip. Howard walks out to the backyard. Andy walks over to Amanda, whose microphone is still NOT. ON. DAMMIT!

5:10:48 CAM 1 

Finally the baked cameraman wakes up. He zooms in on Amanda and Andy, and finally mics are on. This is what we hear:

Did Howard Sexually Harass Amanda on BB15
BB15's Amanda tells Andy and Judd she was sexually harassed by Howard

Amanda: "...and you know, after, um, I get out of here, we get out of here, I'm going to f*** the s*** out of you."

Judd: "What?"

Amanda "...that you're so f***ing hot."

Judd: "Howard said that to you?"

Amanda nods.

Judd: "No, no no, no..."

Amanda: "Swear to God, on my life. That just creeped me out."

Judd: " I don't understand, I didn't catch the first part...?"

Amanda: "He said, 'You know, when we're both outta here I'm going to f*** the sh** out of you."

Big Brother 15 Amanda Howard Sexual Harassment
Is Amanda smirking?

Andy says he's jealous, Judd seems stunned. Amanda tells them to not say anything, because she doesn't want to "cause anything."

2:05AM JULY 31 CAM 2

Amanda is talking to Jessie in the hammock. They're talking about Howard. Amanda says he is going home for sure, and that he is a manipulative liar. Then she talks about what Howard allegedly said to her earlier. She calls it 'sexual harassment'.

"He just came up to me and sexually harassed me to the point to where I felt uncomfortable..."


Do you think Amanda is lying about Howard sexually harassing her, or do you believe her when she says Howard said he was going to have sex with her after the show?

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