Big Brother 15 Cast Twitter Accounts

Big Brother 15 Cast Twitter Accounts BB15
BB15 Cast
Wondering where to find the Big Brother 15 cast Twitter accounts? I've compiled a list of them, and although it is incomplete, I'll update it as houseguests get new accounts. If you know of any accounts I am missing, leave a comment and I'll get the post updated.

Aaryn Gries: @aaryneliza Aaryn Gries Twitter account, which she says is owned by her agency. Uh, the one she doesn't work for anymore?

GinaMarie Zimmerman: @ginamariez 

Judd Daugherty: @JuddBB15 - Seems to be run by Judd's friend for now.

Amanda Zuckerman: @RealtorAmandaZ - Pretty sure this is legit. She hasn't used it in over a year, but I expect that to change after BB15. UPDATE: Amanda's new Twitter account is @TheRealAmandaZZ

Candice Stewart: @candiestewart

Jessie Kowalski: @JessieClaire88 - Not sure if this is hers or not, but I have a hunch it may be. Only one tweet, with hashtags relating to Jessie and Big Brother. Looks like it might be on hold until Jessie is out of the BB15 house. Update: It's hers.

Helen Kim: @HelenKimFitz76 (CONFIRMED)

Spencer Clawson: @SpencerBClawson

David Girton: @davidgirton2

Nick Uhas:@nickuhas

Kaitlin Barnaby: @twitRless_kb

Jeremy McGuire: @JeremyDMcG1

Howard Overby: @realhoverbybb15

Andy Herren: @AndyHerren

McCrae Olson: @mccraechum

Elissa Reilly: @ElissaReillyS

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