BB15's Candice Stewart Meets Birth Mother For First Time

BB15's Candice Stewart Meets Birth Mother
Big Brother 15's Candice Stewart and her birth mother
Just over two years ago the Oprah Winfrey Network aired an episode of "Searching For..." where BB15's Candice meets her birth mother for the first time.

The touching episode showed Candice meeting her mother and sharing her life in photographs and mementos of her past 26-years. She was given up fo adoption by her mother as an infant. Candice's birth mother was overwhelmed by photographs of her daughter growing up. It was the first time she'd seen photos of Candice's childhood and she was overcome with sadness. "I'm so sorry," she repeated over and over and she sobbed. Candice reassured her that her decision was the right one and that she was just happy to have her mother be a part of her life.

Watch a clip from the episode here:


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