BB15: Aaryn's Racist Remarks Aired on Show

Big Brother 15 Aaryn Racist Remarks BB15
Big Brother 15's Aaryn: Racism exposed on the show

Big Brother 15 fans everywhere are giving CBS props for airing Aaryn's racist remarks on the July 7th show.

Most of us assumed the network would chose NOT to air the racist remarks, but CBS actually surprised us by airing multiple racist slurs and general hate speech made by Aaryn on the BB15 live feeds. Everything from her "go make rice" comment to talking about Asians slanty eyes, calling Andy "queer" and the "can't see the bitch in the dark" comment about Candice.

Big Brother 15 finally showed Aaryn for the person she really is.

Aaryn's racist remarks have made news nationwide. NPR, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, NBC and other media outlets have all reported about it and as you probably already know, Aaryn lost her job as a result, she just won't find out until she is out of the BB15 house.

Big Brother 15 Aaryn Gries Racist Remarks BB15
Aaryn's scary clown in her HOH room
The best part of all of this is that Aaryn racism has been shown to fans who don't watch the BB15 live feeds, so hopefully her chances of EVER winning MVP are nil.

Some fan reactions to the BB15 episode found on Twitter:

What is YOUR reaction to BB15 airing Aaryn's racist remarks?

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