BB15 Aaryn: Petition to Remove Her From The Game

BB15 Aaryn Petition Big Brother 15
Big Brother 15's Aaryn: Petition by upset fans makes the rounds on Twitter
If you keep with BB15 on Twitter you probably heard about the online fan created petition to have Aaryn removed from the game after making some distasteful remarks. At the time I write this there are 1244 signatures.

The petition reads as follows:
To expel former contestant of Big Brother 15 Aaryn Gries
A group of us have been alerted to the fact that the Big Brother contestant, Aaryn Gries has made several racist and homophobic comments. Although CBS will most likely edit these images to avoid these comments on public television, Big Brother streams live 24 hours for those fans who subscribe to this service.
These are some of the comments:
"They (referring to two African-american contestants) are going to stick together because of the black thing"
"Learn how to talk, it's asked, not asked" [edit: they meant "axed"] while talking to another African-american contestant.
"Shut up and go and make some rice" referring to an Asian contestant.
"He could get MVP (a privilege given by viewers to the favorite contestant every week) because everyone loves the queers" referring to a gay contestant.
These comments spread right away over Twitter and other social media by many of the fans watching the live feeds. Most fans of the popular show have requested to the CBS Twitter account the forced eviction of this contestant. 

I know this is a heated subject, so I am wondering what you, the fans, think about the petition asking to remove Aaryn from BB15. Did you sign the petition? Do you think Big Brother should take some sort of action, and if so, what? Do you disagree and think that Big Brother should let the cards fall where they may? One thing's for sure, the backlash Aaryn and other houseguests will receive after they're out of the game will be intense to say the least.

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