BB15: Aaryn Gries' Mom Hires PR Firm

BB15 Aaryn Gries Racist, Hires PR
Aaryn's mother tries to protect her

After making multiple racist remarks in the Big Brother 15 house, Aaryn Gries' mother has hired a PR firm to help with her daughter's image after she leaves the house.

I have a hard time believing there is a PR firm that is THAT good, sounds like money wasted. But we all know Aaryn is an only child, and a spoiled one most likely, so mommy is there, running to her side, trying to buy her daughter an easy way out of this mess.

Not that I don't feel bad for her mother, it would be hard watching the nation hate your child, no matter the reason, but I'm also pretty sure she helped to create this monster. (I doubt Aaryn has been disciplined much in her life.)

So yeah, Aaryn's new PR firm, we wish you the best, you'll be earning that paycheck.

BB15 Fans: Do you think a PR firm can help save Aaryn's reputation?

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