Big Brother 15: Aaryn Aryan vs. Candice 'I'm Not Afraid Of You'

Big Brother 15 Aaryn Aryan and Candice Fight
BB15 Fight: Aaryn Aryan ("boo thang") vs. Candice

Little Miss Aaryn Aryan got a dose of GFY from Candice last night (July 1) at 12:54AM on the Big Brother 15 live feeds.

Aaryn got all huffy at Candice saying, "you told her that I said Helen was crying at the veto ceremony." Aaryn is always pissed off, scowling and throwing stink eyes around the house, and thank gawd Candice is not intimidated by her. And she told her so.

The whole thing started during #Winegate, when Jeremy stole a bottle of red wine and shared it among his clique, basically telling the others to kiss off when he admitted to it. He's such a dumb ass. He was screaming about how he's going to win and how he has no remorse for stealing the wine, it was stupid, and terrible game play.

Shortly after, a little spat between Aryan and Candice broke out, and even though it didn't last as long as I would have liked, it was definitely satisfying to hear Candice stand up to Aaryn, the bitchy spoiled brat of the group.

Here's the complete transcript of the short lived spat between Aaryn Aryan and Candice:

12:54 AM Cam 1 Big Brother 15 Live Feeds:

Jeremy: "I mean, I don't feel too bad [about the wine stealing]. I'm sorry."
Andy: "I mean, it was an issue over a bottle of wine, people will get over it."
Jeremy: Right?"
Aaryn Aryan: "It's a lot more than just the wine. The wine is the straw that broke the camel's back."
Jeremy to David: "But I feel like I took the target off you and put it on me."
David: "Yeah, but I'm on the block now, bro."
Jeremy: "It sucks and I apologize. But you know what? I'm just gonna have to kick ass even more. It just lights a fire even more."
Aaryan Aryan: "It's impossible to be two-faced in this game, because it's too small of a house."
Jeremy: "I'm not two-faced."
Aaryn Aryan: "Not you."
Jeremy: "I have beef, I say it. I make burgers out of it."
Aaryn Aryan: "I'm not going to pretend and smile and be like, ginger to people who talk behind my back."


Candice: "Are you looking at me? Do you think I talk behind your back?"
Aaryn Aryan:"I KNOW you do."
Candice: "I never said one bad word about you, sweetie. When you go back and look at the reel - that's in Diary Room or outside of this - so after that, you can come back and apologize."
Aaryn Aryan: "I can't wait."
Candice: "Because honestly, I haven't said one bad word about you."
Aaryn: "Because that's why Helen went outside last night on a rampage about someone saying she was crying in the veto ceremony."
Candice: "Okay."
Aaryn Aryan: "Exactly, you're the one that said that to her."
Candice: "I said she was crying in the veto ceremony?"
Aaryn Aryan: "You told her that I said she was crying in the veto ceremony."
Jeremy: "This house is already getting so intense."
Candice: "I said that you said she was crying? Okay. That's great."
Aaryn Aryan: "You talk about how you're 30 and you're over all this stuff but you're like, acting like a child."
Candice: "I'm SO acting like a child, You're right. I'm SO childish."
Aaryn Aryan: "Good. Glad that's cleared."
Candice: "Okay.. I'm not afraid of you, boo thang."

Then they fight a bit more, with Candice bringing up Aaryn's stupid hat and that whole stupid debacle.

I am so over Aaryn. I can't stand the faces she makes when she's pissed, grumpy or trying to be intimidating....which is all the time. She is nothing like the sweetheart Texas girl we expected, is she? And what's the deal with her mouth? It looks like she struggles to close her lips around that barracuda jawline of hers.

Big Brother 15 Aaryn Aryan Candice Fight

I caught a Vine clip of the fight between Aaryn and Candice last night, in case you missed it:

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