BBUK 2013: Sallie Axl Evicted

BBUK 2013 Sallie Axl
BBUK 2013's Sallie Axl first evicted from the house

Oh Sallie! The first BBUK 2013 housemate to be evicted was the bodacious, beanie wearing Sallie Axl, or ("Sallie Sideboob").

I will miss her! I didn't think I would like Sallie when she first entered the house in her barely there, butt cheek revealing denim shorts, but she grew on me. She's loud, opinionated and in your face. And she made the damn show.

Sallie's short time on BBUK 2013 was exciting and she definitely brought the drama. We all watch Big Brother for the craziness and Sallie delivered. Without her there, will the housemates be able to keep it interesting?

Michael's true identity was revealed as well, and the housemates learned he was an actor & the people's puppet. He left the house with a bit of arrogance, I thought. On BOTS later, Sallie ripped into him for being heartless, especially when it came to Wolfy.

Sallie might be gone from the BBUK house, but she's still carrying on over at Twitter, fiesty as always!
Will you miss Sallie Axl on BBUK 2013? How about Michael?

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