BBUK 2013: Sallie & Gina Fight Like Dogs

And just like that, the BBUK 2013 house is full of drama and a bitter rivalry!
The tattooed, self-proclaimed "tomboy" got into a nasty spat with Gina, the spoiled socialite from London during Saturday's episode.

Gina, who is SUPER high maintenance, was in the Diary Room complaining to Big Brother about not having access to her makeup. After she comes back down to join the group she tells them about er DR visit. Sallie, who obviously hates Gina, chimes in, "Well, can I say, you haven't gotten your clothes taken off you, so..."

Sallie is such a one-upper.

"I wasn't talking to you," replies Gina, "I think you should shut up."

Then it escalates from there. Sallie tells Gina she doesn't have any class (pot meet kettle) and Gina says Sallies tattoos are anything but classy. Sallies fires back, telling Gina she has bad skin, bad hair extensions, a terrible personality and she dresses "like a prostitute." Gina takes a swipe at Sallie, trying to pull off her beanie hat. She doesn't succeed, and her swipe looks like she's trying to hit Sallie.
Can you blame her?

BBUK 2013 Sallie And  Gina Fight
Sallie and her beanie survive the attack

Big Brother calls Sallie to the diary room, and she ends up crying. He warns against aggressive behavior. He also does the same for Gina, warning her to cool her jets.

The drama continues the following day, and as soon as housemates wake up, Sallie and Gina are at it again. 

BBUK 2013 Sallie Gina Fight

Whose team are YOU on? Team Sallie or Team Gina?

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