BBUK 2013: New House Looks UHmazing! (PICS)

BBUK 2013 Big Brother UK Diary Room
Big Brother UK Diary Room Chair
Okay, so I know most of you Big Brother fans are drooling over BB15 starting on June 26th, but many fans of Big Brother also love our BB from across the pond, BBUK 2013, and it's new season begins this Thursday, June 13th!

New photos of the BBUK house show that it is an impressive one. To get an even better shot of every room in the house check out the 360° Virtual Tour where you can zoom in and out to see small details of the new BBUK 2013 house.

More photos:

Big Brother UK BBUK 2013 Treehouse
The Love Shack
The treehouse! Okay, I love this. It's nice and cozy inside, so it will surely be home to some intimate conversations, or something...

BBUK 2031 Big Brother UK Treehouse
Inside the treehouse, small & comfy, very cottage like

BBUK 2013 House Garden Area Big Brother
The Garden area, complete with live vegetables

BBUK 2013 House Kitchen Big Brother
The dining area is bright and colorful

BBUK 2013 House Pics Photos Big Brother
Okay, so nothing too exciting here..
BBUK 2013 House Pics Big Brother
The stairs are a beautiful combination of blues
BBUK 2013 Big Brother House
Love the bambo flooring... 

BBUK 2013 House Big Brother UK
Big Brother, you are so creative. See the old filing cabinets?

BBUK 2013 Big Brother UK House Pics Photos
Any female is sure to love this color scheme

Rumor has it that two male twins will be entering the house together, and there may be others housemates who are related as well. Secrets & Lies is this season's theme...sounds juicy.

For those BBUK 2013 fans in the U.S., you can keep up with BBUK pretty effortlessly. Visit for all the latest info and a great podcast by Doc, and to WATCH BBUK online, visit The show will air at 1PM PST/ 4PM EST over here, so make sure you tune in for the show's premiere episode on Thursday at the correct time. See you there!

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