BBUK 2013 Noms Week 2: Dexter, Gina and Jemima

BBUK 2013 Noms Week 2
Noms - Week 2
This week on BBUK 2013, the three noms in the hot seat are Dexter, Gina and Jemima. Not really a shocker, and if things pan out the way I think they will, Dexter will be the one sent home this week. Pretty sure he is the least liked of the three.

But on the other hand, I hear from BBUK fans that the British viewing public always votes out the most interesting people first, so it might also be safe to assume it'll be Gina who'll be the second person evicted from the BBUK 2013 house, but I'm sticking with Dexter.

Dexter received the most votes from his fellow housemates, with 10 votes. Gina received 8 votes, and Jemima, 5. Most of the BBUK housemates voted for Dexter because they don't trust him and he talks about money too often. Gina received votes due to her separating herself from the group, eating dinner alone and not helping to clean. And housemates voted for Jemima because she hits on Sam while drinking and makes every conversation about herself. Gina's nomination for Jemima was especially funny being as she still cannot remember her name...or so she pretends.

Who do you think will be evicted this week?  Let's pray it's boooring Dexter. I doubt anyone would miss him much. I agree with Sallie, he's a snake.

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