BBUK 2013 Nominations Week 1

BBUK 2013 Nominations Week One
Michael the "puppet" noms the first three housemates
BBUK 2013 has started off with a BANG. Fights between Sallie & Gina, Jemima & Gina, and now it's going to be Sallie & Michael after the first nominations were revealed.

Michael, the mole of the house, nominated the first three housemates for eviction Monday, according to how the public voted.

Dexter, Gina and Sallie have all been nominated. Three of the most entertaining, interesting people in the house, no question. Now the public must vote on who to evict.

BBUK 2013 Nominations Week 1
Sallie, you either love her or love to hate her.

Who do you want to see be evicted from the BBUK 2013 house first? Gina, the high maintenance socialite? Sallie, the tattooed outspoken glamour model? Or Dexter, the gambling playboy?

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