BBUK 2013: Meet the Housemates Part 1

Thursday was the premiere of BBUK 2013, and Emma gave us a lovely tour of the new "green" house and introduced us to nine housemates. 

BBUK 2013 Premiere Night Housemates
Moobs Brothers
The first housemate is actually two people. Jack & Joe, two 18-year-old twins. They are a riot. Joe immediately says, "Can I just ask something, do my moobs look big in this?" as he points to his sweater.  Jack is gay, Joe is straight.

BBUK 2013 Housemate Sally
Pretty sure she'll be the first to get naked
Sallie is our second BBUK 2013 housemate. She loves plastic surgery and tattoos, and she dresses like a complete hot mess. We got sideboob AND buttcheeks on the very first episode. She just oozes class. First thing she asks after coming into the house? "Is there any alcohol?"

BBUK 2013 Housemates Jemima
Possessed Jemima on the big screen
Jemima is our third BBUK 2013 housemate. She's a hard looking 41and wears too much makeup. She is also a self proclaimed gold digger who runs a dating website for women looking to hookup with sugar daddies. She looks like a character on Sons of Anarchy.

BBUK 2013 Housemates Michael Mole
The Mole
Then there is Michael. Michael is the mole, working for the fans. Housemates think he is a postman, and a little quirky. Actually he is an actor, and he's there to shake things up a bit. 

BBUK 2013 Housemates Callum
Mr. Sly?
Callum is 28 and a sports coach. He says he's a ladies man but when asked by Emma to give her his best line, he froze up.

The lesbian fisherwoman
Wolfy is a kick. She's a lesbian who fishes. She's also very into Shamanism and celebrating the earth. She walked out onstage shoeless. "I just want to FEEL Big Brother!" she says enthusiastically. The crowd instantly loves her.

The Romeo
Sam, 23, has severe hearing loss and depends on lip reading to converse. He's a total playboy and loves the ladies. His ultimate night would be with a virgin, watching DVDs. Uh huh, that's what they said!

BBUK 2013 Housemate Sophie
Web footed, karate kicking dental assistant
Sophie is a dental assistant and a black belt in karate. She has webbed feet. Why someone would reveal that on Day 1, I dunno. She's cute and I like that she hates narcissistic people. 

BBUK 2013 Housemate Dexter
The Villain?
Dexter. Oh, Dexter. The crowd hates him immediately and boo him when he comes onstage. He claims to have been Britain's highest paid male prostitute at one time and is quite wealthy. He says that if there is anyone "fame hungry" in the Big Brother UK house he will "destroy them," because he "buys and sell people like that for a living." Sallie practically humps his leg when he walks in.

Which BBUK 213 housemates do you like best so far? Which do you like least? Friday the rest of the housemates will enter the house in Part 2 of the Season premiere. I can't wait, the casting is phenomenal. I love the crazy characters, and this is why I love Big Brother UK!

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