BBUK 2013 Dexter is Saved by Public Vote

BBUK 2013 Dexter Saved by Public Vote

Is anyone else shocked that the public voted to save Dexter on BBUK 2013?

This week, Michael the mole nominated three housemates for eviction, but little did they know, he's simply a puppet for the BBUK fans. Michael (fans) voted to nominate Gina, Sallie and Dexter in Week 1. The voting public was also given the power to save a housemate, and they chose Dexter. Which I am having a hard time believing, but anyhow...

So Michael saved Dexter, and it's going to either be Gina or Sallie who are evicted....and I am not happy about it. Why? Because both women, whether you like them or not, are extremely entertaining! Gina is so unbelievably self conscious it's crazy to watch the extremes she will go through to make herself feel good (i.e. putting on makeup for 48 minutes straight). Gina actually NEEDS this experience. It's good for her spoiled ass to live without the privileges she's been afforded her entire life, and to learn more about the Wolfies of the world who struggle to make ends meet.

As for Sallie, well, sister is a damn handful and probably a nightmare to live with. Regardless of what she says her intentions are, her "in your face" attitude clearly shows she is always ready for a fight. She's quite possibly THE most entertaining person in the house - and BBUK 2013 fans DIDN'T SAVE HER?!

I'll be bummed if Sallie is evicted, and even though I can't stand Gina, I'm not real happy about the potential of her going home either. Dexter should not have been saved. Of the three, he's the most boring, the shadiest and I just don't care for him. HISSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Are you sad Dexter was saved from eviction this week on BBUK 2013? 

Who do YOU want to see go home this week -  Sallie or Gina?

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