BB15: The Wil Show #BB15Saga

BB15 The Wil Show #BB15Saga
Wil is back with all new BB15 spoofs

Wil Heuser is back with more Big Brother webisodes for BB15!

In a new YouTube promo, Wil spoofs the BB15 houseguests and promotes his new show, Big Brother 15: The Saga. New episodes will air each Monday at noon EST and you can catch them on his YouTube channel, or on his site,

Wil comes out of the corner, not pulling any punches! He already pokes fun at houseguests based solely on first impressions alone.

"What are Big Brother houseguests really afraid of?"

David: "Brown-haired chicks with brown eyes."

GinaMarie: "Genital warts..."

Bahahaha! It must be summer.

Oh Wil, I fricking love you.

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