BB15 McCrae First HOH of 2013

BB15 McCrae HOH Week 1
BB15's McCrae, clowning on the live feeds

The first episode of Big Brother 15 has aired and the BB15 live feeds are sparked up. If you're not having problems, that is. Fans have reported black screens, no chat, and freezing, so hopefully CBS can work out the bumps quickly and get things up to speed.

Tonight we learned a bit more about the new BB15 houseguests and my views of many changed. Did they for you? But I think I'll save that for another post...let's talk HOH.

This week's HOH comp was endurance, and it lasted more than 4 hours. Houseguests clung to large popsicles as they were swung around in a circle past a large, spraying mouth and tongue. I like to call it the endurance tongue.

Judd was the first to go down. Howard was second to fall, and Candice and Amanda were next to follow.

As a handful of houseguests dangled from the popsicles, they were informed by Big Brother that there were two lunchpails, one containing a pass for the ENTIRE SEASON which would save them from EVER being a Have-Not. Meaning, no slop, so Have-Not beds, etc. Whoever dropped next could pick one. 50% chance to win it.

David drops. He chooses the silver lunch pail, it's the wrong one. Jeremy then drops, automatically getting the black lunchpail containing the free pass. No slop for Jeremy all season. At some point I think this will make him a target.

 In the end it was the pizza delivery boy who prevailed, and who was named the first HOH of the BB15 season.

After watching the BB15 premiere it's evident that there is going to be a lot of sex in the Big Brother house this season. The potential for showmances is OFF THE HOOK. Sparks are flying everywhere! Jealousy is surely not far behind.

What did you think about the premiere episode of BB15? Are you happy (or surprised) that McCrae won the first HOH of the season?

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