BB15 Live Feeds CBS Screenshots: Site is Live!

BB15 Live Feeds Screen Shots, Big Brother 2013
Schro-Bot is your BB15 Live Feeds Host

Have you ordered your Big Brother 15 live feeds through CBS yet? They went "live" yesterday so I ordered mine to see what content was immediately available. I thought I would write a little piece up for those who who haven't ordered them yet and are wondering what's behind closed doors.

Conclusion: If you haven't ordered them yet, you aren't missing anything.

Observations: The set up is pretty basic, with everything you need on one page. There is the video screen on the left, and the BB15 Chat/ Clips/ Houseguest Info/ Tweets all on the right. There are also compilation videos near the bottom of the page. You can't see in my screenshot, but below all that reads:

"Live Feeds Start on June 26th ~ After the Premiere Episode Airing on the West Coast."

So when everyone is crying about BB 15 live feeds not sparking up immediately after the East Coast premiere, you know why.

BB15 Live Feeds Screenshot

Chat is pretty much what you would expect, you can create chat room and browse the visitors of chat. One thing that sucks though, is that you can't make a profile. It will be heaven for BB15 trolls because you can change your name at the drop of a hat. And with no profile, basically everyone is anonymous.

BB15 Live Feeds Screenshots Big Brother
The tabs for "Highlights" and "Houseguests" work but there is no content yet obviously, and "Tweets" pull from people who have used the "BB15" hashtag on Twitter. (Yay, CBS is using #BB15 instead of the long ass one there were going to use, #CBSBigBrother.)

The Twitter feed either doesn't update often, or it has some kind of glitch. Because it is missing a gazillion tweets, according to my "#BB15" column on Tweetdeck...

Big Brother 15 BB15 Live Feeds ScreenshotsBig Brother BB15 Live Feeds Screen Shots

So, the only thing that really work right now are the compilation clips at the bottom of the page. Jeff Schroeder is the host (let's call him Schro-Bot from here on out) and there are four video clips.

The video compilations spotlight Big Brother showmances, outrageous moments, crazy costumes and wild blindsides. All the clips are about 10-15 minutes long each.

Until the live feeds begin, or we get some teasers, nothing is happening, so sit tight. No rush to order feeds. Unless you'll be ordering them from me, of course.


Big Brother (BB15) begins in TWO WEEKS - on June 26, 2013 only on CBS. I hope you have all of your summer appointments out of the way.

Order the live feeds before June 26th and save. Cost is $23.99 for the entire season of BB15 live feeds until this time, then the price jumps to $26.99, or $9.99 a month is you prefer to pay monthly. Buy now and save, and help a sister out, order here!

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