BB15 Live Feeds CBS: Flashback, Chat...No Screen Caps?

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds CBS Features
Big Brother 15 live feeds: What features can we expect?
What features will the new Big Brother live feeds at CBS have? Will there be flashback? Chat features? Can you watch the BB15 live feeds from an Android phone, iPhone or an iPad? Here's what CBS has posted.

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Is there flashback?

Yes, the CBS 'Big Brother Archives' feature is basically just like the old 'Flashback' feature we are used to.
Take control! Our easy Calendar feature gives you access to any past moment from any day at any time. Watch what you want, when you want - all season long.
It seems the appearance of the Big Brother Archives feature works just like the flashback feature did as well, with the calendar and the ability to select specific times to view.

Will there be chat?

Yes. As before, you'll be able to join on of many, many rooms, and you can even create your own.
Connect with the vibrant community of Big Brother fans in multiple chat rooms. Discuss gameplay strategies, make eviction predictions or guess the next Head of Household. Join Official and Fan created chat rooms or create your own! Complete with private chat features too.
Can I watch on my Android, iPhone or iPad? 

Yes, all of the above. The Big Brother 15 live feeds will be available on smart phones and tablet, no extra charges.
The Live Feeds are available across multiple devices and platforms. At home or on go, the Big Brother house travels with you - anytime, anywhere.
Will there be more than one camera view? 

Yes, it seems there will be a quad-cam. similar to what we are used to.

Other features of the Big Brother 15 live feeds on CBS:

"Highlighted Moments," where fans can easily click on exciting, controversial or fun moments in the house, "Houseguests Status" (who is HOH, nominated, POV winner, etc.), and a live Twitter feed showing tweets marked with the #CBSBogBrother hashtag. Man, we have to type all that? I prefer #BB15 myself. I guess we'll save that one for Twitter.

Other than that, there's been some talk about Big Brother 15 not allowing screen caps from the live feeds. I looked up the Terms of Service, and this is what it reads:
You will not:
*use the BB Service or the Content in violation of applicable law or applicable intellectual property or other proprietary rights
*permit other individuals to use the BB Service or its Content
*copy, redistribute, modify, translate, adapt, or create derivative works using the BB Service or its Content 
*rent, lease, sell, or otherwise transfer rights to the BB Service or its Content
*remove any proprietary notices (e.g. copyright or trademark notices) from the BB Service or its Content
*circumvent or attempt to circumvent any device, software program, service, or other technological measure used to control access to the BB Service or the Content
Not sure how CBS could police that. I personally don't think it will be an issue. But you just never know.

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