BB15 House Tour With Julie Chen

BB15 House Tour 2013
BB15 house pics - HOH room

The Big Brother 15 house tour with Julie Chen has been leaked! Can you say Brady Bunch?

 A video of the BB15 house tour with Julie Chen & Entertainment Tonight leaked Monday night and thanks to DreamersVids on Daily Motion. We can now get a really good first look at the BB15 house. 

I'm sad to say that the structure of the house hasn't changed much, no major changes anyway, but the decor is quite nice. According to Chenbot, the BB15 house theme this season is "midcentury modern." She describes the house as "60s, Mad Men feel, but the vision that the architectures of the 60s had for the future."

BB15 House Tour with Julie Chen 2013
BB15 house living room, no nom chairs!

The living room is missing the two nomination chairs and it's because of the twist. Julie explains, "The two nomination chairs are gone, it has to do with our twist. That's all I can say for now." We hear it's because fans will vote for a Power Player each week to influence the game. Not sure what I think about this about you?

In the BB15 living room there is also a non-working fireplace. What fun is that? But I guess you don't need a fireplace in Hell-A in July.

The two main bedrooms keep with the 60s theme, one is colorful and has a "It's a Small World" feel about it (similar colors to last year's living room), while the other is reminiscent of the 1960s office, complete with filing cabinets.

BB15 House Tour PicsBB15 House Tour Photos

There is a hammock, pool table and outdoor seating area, similar to years past, and last year's "arcade room" is now decorated like a lounge, equipped with a cocktail tray. Hopefully that means Big Brother will be a little more liberal with the booze this season.

The bathroom is modeled after a spa, or a sauna, and is very earthy, cozy and inviting. A million times better than last year's arcade bathroom.

One MAJOR clue Julie Chen gives us about the twist is this:

"What I can tell you about the twist this season is that America will play a role where it affects nominations...This year America's role is much bigger, and it affects the game because it's going to affect nominations....America's role is so big this summer that even before we start the game America's going to be asked to do something and it will affect the nominations."

The rumor about 16 houseguests coming into the game is also confirmed during the BB15 house tour.

BB15 Tour with Julie by DreamersVids

Watch the video of the Big Brother 15 house tour with Julie, and if you haven't already, order your BB15 live feeds. We're only days away from all the action and I cannot WAIT to see who will be occupying the house this summer!

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