BB15 HOH: First Comp Is The Endurance Tongue

BB15 HOH Endurance Comp
BB15 Endurance Comp for HOH
Big Brother 15 fans will be happy to know that the very first HOH comp looks to be endurance.

A couple of new pics have been released online to get fans pumped for the new BB15 season. An endurance comp pic, and pics of the houseguests entering the Big Brother 15 house.

GinaMarie's is probably my favorite. Will someone tell her to close her legs while she marvels? Her knees are like two magnets working against one another.

This pic says it all, yeah? GM is going to be the "it's all about me," houseguest. Or the loudest one anyway. Pay attention to me as I talk louder than everyone, constantly swear and knead my nutsack while I smoke in the backyard...

Just guessing.

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