BB15 First House Pics!

BB15 First House Pics

Finally! We get a first look at the Big Brother 15 house!

We hear the house reveal is tomorrow, Tuesday, June 18, and the cast reveal is expected later this week, most likely on June 20th. There are all sorts of things starting to float around on the net now, and here's what we are seeing regarding the new BB15 house:

New BB15 HOH room:
The new HOH room looks very urban, very contemporary. The electric blue color scheme seems to spill out into the hallway outside the room as well:

And Big Brother Feeds Spoilers on YouTube posted the new BB15 commercial where we get to see the front of the house, or the FOTH. There's that electric blue again...


And we get a sneak peek of the living room...

@moviedude18 attended the taping of The Talk today and says there are going to be 16 houseguests, and a couple twists..

Are you ready for the house reveal? The new BB15 houseguests? We are only just over a week away from the new season - 100 days of Big Brother 15!

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