BB15 Cast Photo: Poolside Bikini Time!

BB15 Cast Photo Poolside Bikinis

The new BB15 cast photo is out!

The day before the Big Brother 15 premiere, CBS has finally released a group photo of the houseguests gathered around the pool. There are some serious ho bikinis up in there! Okay, there are 2 slutty bikinis, GinaMarie's and Amanda's. Just had to mention it. A bikini says a lot about a woman, and cris-cross straps across your funbags or your stomach say 'stripper'. It's just a well known fact among women. Heh. A bikini does say a lot about a woman...

Andy in his argyle tank is LOL. Seriously, argyle? BB15 production probably picked it for him. Just like Ragan and his tie, and Ian and his glasses. I mentioned before that Aaryn is the catlady fave this season, and I am pretty convinced she's Big Brother's fave as well. It's pretty obvious by the way they are spotlighting her in the photo. She really should have chosen a different bikini though.

Why is Elissa hiding back there? I think she looks better than GinaMarie in a bikini. Not as skanky.

The name "GinaMarie" is such a mouthful, isn't it? There are so many directions I could go from here, but I won't.  Blame my first impressions.

The men don't impress me. None of them are eye candy for me.

Spencer is in a Charlie Brown t-shirt with mismatched grass green shorts. Judd should have kept his shirt on, McCrae is proudly thrusting his little brown nips out, and I'm pretty sure Andy has the best legs in the house.

It's going to be a great season (let's hope), who's ready to rip on some BB15 houseguests?

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