BB15's GinaMarie vs Amanda: Attention Whore Showdown!

BB15 Cast Attention Whores GinaMarie Amanda
BB15 Attention Whore Reigning Champions

Let's talk about the BB15 cast, shall we? Last night while watching the live feeds someone in a chatroom said, "They cast all attention whores this season," and she's right, for the most part. Minus a select few, the house is full of young attention seekers who check themselves out in the mirror pretty much all damn day.

I didn't get to watch much of the BB15 live feeds on Thursday, thanks to the real world getting in the way, but there was a lot of action in the house after 9:30pm PST, after the POV comp was held.

Amanda and GinaMarie were particularly loud and obnoxious last night (we all know that won't be changing until they're evicted). These two are the biggest attention whores in a house of attention whores, so I am wondering, Big Brother fans, who is the biggest attention whore in the house?

My opinions:

Even though I didn't like Amanda in her preseason interviews and her bikini was THE worst in Big Brother history, once the live feeds started I liked her immediately. She's got a sick sense of humor, quick wit, and she's entertaining. However, she's also bossy, energy sucking, and a little too into herself. She's wearing on me.

GinaMarie is just trash. Sorry, GM fans, but she is just a dude with a vagina. Nothing ladylike about her. I don't dislike her, she's nice enough, but she requires a LOT of attention. In order to get it she talks REALLY loud, jumps around like an obnoxious 4-year old on "go-go juice," swears a lot, talks about her vagina a lot (really) and is just....gross. For example, see my Vine catch from last night:

So my question to you is, who is the bigger attention whore? Amanda or GinaMarie?

Also, what do you think of the young/beautiful BB15 cast this season? Too young? Not diverse enough? Or are you loving all the young HGs?


  1. I love Amanda when she's talking about anything but the game. I don't like how bossy she is when it comes to the game. Outside of the house, I could see being her friend.

    GinaMarie and I could never be friends. She's too crazy and gross for my liking. I can't imagine how she is going to act when they finally get some alcohol in them!

  2. I haven't seen enough of live feeds yet to have an opinion, but I think I was in the chatroom when someone in chat big brother fan 4 said something about casting whores of course the word attention slipped away when I read it and I thought it was a harsh word to choose for a person you don't know. Typical me read what I think I see. It got my attention on the chat that two girls already fight over a guy in the house. My god that's early and I hope they stay a while because it's fun to watch. It's good tv as you say, but putting tampons in the nose that one did that is over the top! I think it will be an interesting season with a lot of fights and twists and turns. Good feeling about this. Now I shall sit down and watch the first episode and two afterdark I have on my pc to watch. Thanks for a good blog

  3. I HATE Amanda! she walks around this house like she's running the show and i cant wait for her ass to walk out the front door. GM on the other hand is also really annoying when she is seeking attention but I've actually found her entertaining a few times, unlike Amanda who when trying to entertain is just being a bossy bitch.

  4. Nah. I think GinaMarie is funny! Sorry. But I mean she makes it entertaining. No matter how disgusting it can be, she makes me laugh.

  5. I will tell you that i am already SICK and tired of these young, attention whores who all (esp the girls) think they are the hottest thing walking this planet. It's ridiculous. Even Kara Monaco didn't act like this around the house 24/7 and she IS one of the hottest things walking the planet. GM's over-the-top accent is def growing old fast as is her always talking about herself. Aaryn is about the same too. What a piece of racist trash. She's the worst of them all. But honestly, I think Amanda is the prettiest one in there. She is naturally I think beautiful and has the best body out of the girls. Not sure how/why this McCrae showmance got going bec it is oil and water but will be fun to watch play out. It won't last. Outside of Nick and Howard, I think all the guys are d-bags as well.


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