Big Brother 15's Amanda is Like Seaworld

Big Brother 15 Amanda Seaworld BB15
BB15's Amanda is a slippery slide

There are certain things that Big Brother houseguests will say that will stick with them forever. Some good, some bad, some downright embarrassing.

BB15's Amanda has already had a few of each.

June 29 at 5:39AM on the BB15 live feeds Amanda and McCrae have a WTF moment while laying in bed talking. Multiple WTF moments actually, but the worst was probably when Amanda, who was hitting on McCrae, told him, "It's like SeaWorld down there."

Yes, THAT down there, and yes, she was heavily hinting that she was ready for McCrae's manhood to enter her paper shredder/meatgrinder manhole. The whole thing seemed to make McCrae a little nervous, and he decided he'd like to hold on to his jewels rather than sacrifice them to the Sasquatch in his bed.

Oh wait, the Seaworld comment wasn't the worst, I almost forgot, the worst part was when Amanda pulled her hand out from under the sheets to show her Seaworld status, then she wiped her hand on the blanket. 

That's just foul.

So, I thought I was going to love Amanda after Day 1, but here we are now, and I cannot stand her. She's dirty. Like GinaMarie (who flicked a string that was caught in her meatgrinder onto a piece of furniture the day before).

They better bleach the shit out of that house in September.

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