Is BB15's Aaryn Racist? Says Helen Should Go Make Rice

Big Brother 15 Aaryn Racist BB15
Aaryn's remarks - were the racist?
Has there ever been so much controversy so early in the game? Lawd, it's a crazy season and we're not even to the second episode of BB15 yet!

One of the (many) latest controversies is Aaryn's comments about Helen, and how she should "shut up and go make some rice." She wasn't joking when she said it, in fact, she was being downright vicious when she made the comment to Kaitlyn and GinaMarie while lounging in the backyard hammock. Neither of the other two women seemed startled by the comment and Kaitlyn simply replies, "We're being so catty!" as she is laughing.

The women were ripping Helen because she was upset about Elissa being put up on the block as a replacement nominee. "She looked like someone just killed her fu**ing Chihuahua," Aaryn says before going into the "she should shut up and go make rice" comment.

Watch for yourself, I snapped a little Vine video:

If you want to see the entire scene unfold, visit the CBS Big Brother Live Feeds and use the flashback feature, it happened at 1:14AM June 30th.

What is your reaction to Aaryn's rice comment? Should Big Brother step in at some point? As RichardFromNO on Twitter said, BBUK would have stepped in and reprimanded Aaryn for her rice comment. Jemima on BBUK was given a warning after simply stating that she doesn't like to date black men, Aaryn's comment was meant to hurt, Jemima's was not.

Maybe Aaryn should be stuck eating nothing but rice the entire rest of the summer...

(Just curious, could this season turn into even more of a trainwreck?! Yowza!)

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