BB15 Cast Photo: FOTH

BB15 Cast Photo FOTH
BB15 Cast FOTH pic (click to zoom)
Another new photo of the BB15 cast has emerged, this one with the houseguests lined up in front of the BB15 house, or the FOTH, as we fans know it.

David looks even more disheveled than normal. He looks like a 9-year-old who just rolled out of bed on the first day of school. I love Jessie, LOVE her. But that dress makes her boobies look weird, in a strange, Picasso kind of way. Andy, OMG. He looks like he's stepped straight off Mad Men, 1965. I'm pretty convinced he is dressing for first impressions, and he's made one, because we'll never forget that kistchy outfit! Elissa is probably pissed she's in the background and GinaMarie is fully erect.

Big Brother 15 begins tomorrow, are you ready for 100 days of summer?

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