When Does Big Brother 15 Premiere? June 26, 2013

When Does Big Brother 15 Premiere? BB15
BB15 Premieres June 26

Yep, it's an early season for Big Brother 15!

The new season will premiere two weeks earlier than normal, on June 26, 2013 at 9pm EST. Great news for BB15 fans. Casting calls are over and all submissions have been screened by casting agents.

Now comes the part where we painstakingly wait over the next month for ANY news to leak about the new cast. Right?

Until then, all we know is that CBS is promising a bigger cast and the most exciting season to date...which is something they promise every season. But hey, we can hope.

As you know, the BB15 live feeds will no longer be with SuperPass and will be run via CBS. CBS has yet to really fill us in on details, so fans don't really know what to expect regarding the video quality, the price, and feed uptime. If I had to make a guess I'd say it will probably be a lot like Big Brother Canada's free live feeds.

We have lots to learn in the next month, the countdown is ON!


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