Big Brother 15: After Dark No Longer On Showtime

Big Brother After Dark Season 15
BB15 After Dark moves to TVGN

After seven years of being on Showtime, Big Brother 15's After Dark will air on TVGN following the show's premiere episode on June 26, 2013.

Every night beginning at midnight, two hours of footage will air live from the Big Brother 15 house. Many fans are concerned that the new network may want to "censor" the live footage a tad, I mean, it's not Showtime, that's for sure. Also, many are concerned they won't get the show because their cable provider does not carry TVGN.

Big Brother 15 is full of changes this season, most notably the live feeds moving from Superpass to No one seems to know what the new feeds will be like, if they'll be cut more often, or even how much they will be. Oh, and don't even mention Flashback, I have a feeling that's a thing of the past.

What do you think about the changes for BB15? There's a lot of uncertainty this season, but one thing's for certain, BB15 is living up to it's "Expect the Unexpected" motto, no question!

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