Big Brother 15: 100 Days of Summer!

It looks like BB15 is going to be the longest summer ever! In a new commercial for Big Brother 15 we learn that this season's show will be 100 days long.

This season begins earlier than normal, on June 26, and will end the first week of October if there's no "catch" about the 100 days. By comparison, last season was 69 days long, so yes, we are in for a very long summer of Big Brother in 2013.

There are tons of rumors on Twitter right now from some Big Brother fans who are probably just trying to get attention. They're spreading rumors of an All-Star cast (Big Brother already confirmed an all new cast), and details about the live feeds which have not been released yet. I'm not buying any of those rumors,  and you probably shouldn't either.

The one thing floating around Twitter that I am loving this:

Big Brother 15 BB15 Longest Season Ever

What do you think about 100 Days of Big Brother? I'm sure there won't be many complaints about it being too long!

Big Brother 15 100 Days Of Summer

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