Nicole is BACK in the Big Brother 16 House!

BB16 Nicole Franzel Re-Enters The Game
Nicole makes it back in the BB16 house!

Nicole Franzel's fans are freaking out tonight as Nicole won the competition to return to the Big Brother 16 house!

The four jury members competing were newly evicted Zach, Nicole, Hayden and Jocasta.

For awhile there it looked like Jocasta was going to win, but thankfully Nicole pulled it off and saved us from throwing bricks at our TV screens. (Can I get an "Amen"?)

We still don't know who the new HOH is going to be, the feeds are down but we can assume they'll be up tonight after the comp. However, if it's an endurance comp, we could be waiting awhile.

I would have loved Zach to return to the BB16 house, but I'll definitely take Nicole.

Your thoughts on Nicole returning to the Big Brother 16 house?


BB16 Fan Yells Out to Caleb, Zach and Frankie

Big Brother 16 Fan Yells Into Backyard
Big Brother fan yells over the backyard wall

Tonight while shooting pool in the Big Brother 16 backyard, Caleb, Zach and Frankie all hear a fan yell something to them. But what was said?

BigBrother 16 Live Feeds
Flashback Time: Monday, Aug. 18, 10:19:47 pm

The male fan was allegedly heard yelling:

"Caleb we hate you, Zach we love you, Frankie you're disgusting!" 
Fans immediately used the flashback feature on the BB16 Live Feeds to determine what exactly was said. Zach thought everything said was positive, but it seems he was wrong. The screamer may have been no fan of Caleb's or Frankie's.

(Did you hear something else? If so, let me know what you think you heard in the comments below.)

Better than the guy yelling into the backyard is Zach's reaction. He yelled back, "We love you, too! We love you! You're the f***ing man!"

If you could yell something over the Big Brother 16 backyard walls, what would it be?


BB16 Fans Yell 'I Love You, Zach!' Into the Backyard

Big Brother 16 Fans Yell Into Backyard
Derrick loves hearing the BB16 fans yell, "I love you, Zach!"

As some of you hardcore fans know, the Big Brother house has plenty of residential neighbors and it's possible for fans to yell into the backyard and be heard. It's been awhile since fans have attempted to contact Big Brother houseguests, but Monday night it happened.

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds 
Flashback Time 8/11 10:15pm (just before 10:16) BBT

Derrick, Christine and Cody are outside talking on the hammock. They hear someone yell something about Big Brother. Then Derrick hears, "I love you, Zach!"

Christine isn't impressed. "That's disgusting!"

"Oh my gawd, I definitely just heard them say it," Derrick says. He's getting a kick out of it while Christine keeps repeating how disgusted she is. "Please don't tell him that that just happened," she begs.

Derrick replies, "I have to. That's amazing. Is that not amazing? Is that not amazing?! That is f***ing ridiculous!"

Christine chimes in again. "You can't tell him that, he's gonna..." Derrick cuts her off. "SO frigging jealous right now, it's not even funny."

"He's gonna have a huge head," Christine finishes.

"Is that something you HAVE to tell him?" Derrick asks Cody. (Saying it more as a statement than asking a question.) Cody says he didn't hear it. Christine says she didn't hear it clearly either.
Derrick tells them exactly what he heard:

"I heard, 'We love you, Big Brother, clear as day, and then I heard, 'I love you, Zach,' and the guy said, 'I love you more!' So sick!"

"You heard it too!" Derrick points at Christine, who laughs, and without saying anything, acknowledges that she heard it too.

Then Big Brother called for a lockdown and we got fish. So which of you superfans is going to admit it was you? :)

(Houseguests talk about the incident again at 11:24pm)

GinaMarie Isn't a Fan of Christine's.

BB16 Christine Brecht GinaMarie Zimmerman
Christine talks about GinaMarie, GinaMarie responds on Twitter.

After talking about BB15's GinaMarie Zimmerman on the Big Brother 16 live feeds, Christine Brecht has managed to ruffle some feathers.

GinaMarie's feathers.

Monday afternoon Christine nonchalantly mentioned that she doesn't like GinaMarie or Amanda from BB15. I'm pretty sure at that point GinaMarie and Amanda's fans starting tweeting them, telling them what Christine said, and helping to fuel the fire.

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds
Flashback time 8/11 1:40pm BBT

GinaMarie responded via Twitter, and she pulled no punches.

"Just remember I don't start shit , I finish it #bb16 . Don't say nothing bad about me I won't say nothin bad about you. :) " - @GinaMarieZ

That was pretty much the nicest tweet. Here are some others:

Christine's husband Tim caught wind of the whole thing and here's what he had to say to GinaMarie:


McCrae And Jessica Are Officially A Couple Again

McCrae Olson Jessica Fisher Girlfriend BB15
McCrae Olson of BB15
Before Big Brother 15 and "McCranda" there was McCrae and Jessica.

Almost exactly one year ago, McCrae opened up to Andy about his hometown girlfriend, Jessica. He told Andy that he couldn't stop thinking about Jessica, and that he knew she would be pissed at him for hooking up with Amanda. This was about the time many BB fans began to question McCrae's true feelings for Amanda.

"Don't tell Amanda, just between me and you, that's exactly how I feel here, where it's like, 'ahh f**k,' and I know that she's [Jessica] watching, like super pissed......it suuuuucks." - McCrae to Andy

Fast forward to the letter that Amanda found and McCrae publicly released, and Amanda was out, Jessica was back in. I'm sure it wasn't THAT simple, but it was ultimately the outcome.

On Facebook earlier today McCrae and Jessica made it official:

Big Brother 15 McCrae's Girlfriend Jessica
The Official Facebook Relationship Status.

BB15's Aaryn Gries is Engaged to be Married

Big Brother 15 Aaryn Gries Engaged
Aaryn Gries is Engaged

Big Brother 15's controversial Texas princess Aaryn Gries has announced that she is engaged to her boyfriendof less than a year, Nick. Aaryn made the announcement on Instagram/ Twitter saying, " I guess it's my turn, y'all. We're engaged!"

Aaryn's BB15 houseguests congratulated her on social media:

Amanda Zuckerman wrote, "Congrats to my little scissor sister @AarynElizaGries on her engagement!"

BB15 winner Andy Herren also congratulated Aaryn, "Ahhhhhh!!!! I'm so happy for you guys!"

GinaMarie Zimmerman also chimed in, "congratulations to you and nick on you're engagement. I'm so Excited!!!!!"

Aaryn's ring is a massive 1.6 carats.