Caption Godfrey Contest: Win a Big Brother Bag!

BBCAN3 Godfrey Jumping After JP Evicted
Caption BBCAN3's Godfrey!

Caption Big Brother Canada 3's Godfrey and WIN a Big Brother Live Feeds bag! Leave your caption in the comments section below (make sure to use an account where I can find you in case you win, or leave a Twitter handle, etc.) and I'll pick a few of you to win a Big Brother Live Fees bag.

This should be an easy one. It's one of the best BB pics, EVER. Have at it, and good luck!

 Contest ends Monday, April 27th at noon PST. 


JORDAN Evicted from the Big Brother Canada 3 House!

BBCAN3 Jordan JP Evicted Blindside
For some reason Jordan is surprised at his eviction

Bye bye, Jordan!

In a stunning eviction, Jordan, a.k.a. "JP", was voted out of the Big Brother Canada 3 house by a vote of 5-4.

Jordan was stunned at his eviction, but I'm not sure why he should have been. His decision to put himself on the block ranks up there with one of the stupidest moves of all time. Zach was surely surprised as well.


All I can say is FINALLY, an EXCITING EVICTION on Big Brother! I feel like it's been ages since we've seen a house divided (BBUS included). The unanimous votes every week are so fucking BORING, but sadly they've become the norm.

Jordan is the first to go to jury (really Big Brother?!) so at least we won't have to hear his know-it-all tweets for the rest of the season.

Will you miss Jordan in the BBCAN3 house?


SINDY Re-Enters the Big Brother Canada 3 House!

Sindy With An S Big Brother Canada 3
Sindy with an S is baaaaack!

After a grueling endurance comp, Sindy with an S is the BBCAN3 houseguest who will be returning to the house!

Sindy beat out Risha, Naeha (who came in second), Johnny and Graig giving her a second chance in the Big Brother Canada 3 house.

Are you stoked that Sindy will be returning to the house? She promises to tear shit up, so let's hope she makes good on her word! She's definitely got a LOT of knowledge going back in, it's just up to her to use it correctly!

Are you happy Sindy is going to be back in the BBCAN3 house?


GinjaNinja Evicted on Big Brother Canada 3

Big Brother Canada 3 Graig
BBCAN3's Graig
Graig, a.k.a. the "GinjaNinja" was evicted from Big Brother Canada 3, much to the delight of many BB fans. Graig will now join Risha, Sindy, and Naeha in sequester for a chance to return to the BBCAN3 house.

Graig, the replacement nominee after Kevin won POV, didn't have enough allies, or BB skillz, to keep himself in the game. He was voted out unanimously, by a vote of 10-0.

Will the GinjaNinja have what it takes to get back IN the Big Brother house?


BB Canada 3: Naeha Evicted in Instant Eviction

Big Brother Canada 3 Naeha Evicted
BBCAN3's Naeha
We've been wondering who would be the victim of Big Brother Canada 3's "instant eviction" and Sunday evening we learned it was Naeha.

Kevin nominated both Brittnee and Naeha, but it was Naeha who was ultimately sent packing by her fellow BBCAN3 houseguests.

When interviewed by Arisa Cox after her eviction Naeha was stoked to learn she will have a chance at returning to the Big Brother Canada 3 house.

She vowed to return, and I believe she will.


Big Brother's Adam Poch is Gonna Be a Daddy!

Adam Poch's Bacon Baby
Makin' Bacon!

Big Brother's Adam Poch and wife Fara are having a baby!

Adam announced the baby news on his Facebook page today:

"So yesterday we fooled you all by saying we were turning into Vegetarians / Carrot Spokespeople etc... but today's news from Fara Herzfeld Poch & I is 100% REAL!!!! Coming October 2015...."

Congratulations to Adam & Fara, they will make amazing parents!