Cami Li and Calum Best: Inappropriate Relationship?

Cami Li and Calum Best Showmance CBB 2015
Calum and Cami Li get cozy in the CBB house
On Celebrity Big Brother 2015 Cami Li and Calum Best have been inseparable from Day 1. Cami Li allegedly has a boyfriend, yet she is obviously VERY attracted to Calum. The two are often seen cuddling and flirting, and you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

Cami Li became defensive after hearing Perez Hilton's conversation about her disrespecting her boyfriend by flirting with Calum. But is she being disrespectful? Has she and Calum crossed the line? There's been no kissing or inappropriate touching (that I've seen), but do you think their emotional connection should be threatening to her boyfriend?

Is Cami Li disrespecting her boyfriend?


#CBB Even Michelle Visage Hates Perez Hilton

Michelle Visage Celebrity Big Brother

Michelle Visage = CBB QUEEN

Perez Hilton has been out of control on Celebrity Big Brother 2015. He's screaming, crying for attention, bullying people, crying...ugh. What a MESS.

Even lovely Michelle Visage (I LOVE her) can't stand Perez on CBB. She summed him up quite nicely when speaking to Cami Li:

"Nobody likes him (Perez). Nobody. I'm a person of compassion and love. He FEIGNS compassion and love. I don't like fake..."

Cami Li chimed in. "I told him, there's a reason why you don't have any friends outside of this."

Michelle continued. "He's so irrelevant. And he is SO caught up in his own shit that he can't see people in front of his face. He cares about nobody. He's so out of touch with who he actually is as a human. Honestly."


What was that?! He was outside, when no one was paying attention to him, dry humping the air in a fake fit of orgasmic ecstasy. I have watched thousands of hours of BBAU, BBUK, and BBUS and I have NEVER seen anything like it. It was the most extreme cry for attention I think I've EVER seen on reality TV. It was crazy, yet pathetically sad. This is what Perez has become. And to think, he's a millionaire. (If you've visited his site, you're part of the problem.)

CBB Perez Hilton Gets Off
Troll Mario Lavendeira, aka Perez 
Perez dry humping in the garden, "Oh YES! OH YES! OH YES! OH YES!"

Michelle Visage goes to Big Brother and complains about Perez's lewd behavior. Michelle and Calum go to the Diary Room.


"Big Brother, what we just witnessed is an outrage. I don't have a voice so I can't voice it. But I'm outraged for an entire community that has been fighting for equality for so long. And that one of our people can run around in his underwear, make sexually explicit movements, be bothersome to these girls and set our community back 50-years. We've been fighting this fight everyday for equal rights, equality, equal insurance, equal marriage ... it's ridiculous that I fight for these things everyday when this person is an embarassment to an entire community, let alone a country. I do not want people judging the gay community on this ass..."
She starts crying. Calum consoles her. Big Brother cuts to a clip of Perez bragging, "OMG, I came 3 times!"

Get. Perez. OUT.


CBB: Ken Morley Booted From Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Ken  Morley Kicked Off CBB 2015
Ken Morley is kicked off CBB 2015 for offensive remarks

Wow, we're not even one week in and already TWO celebrities have been kicked out of the CBB house!

First it was bad boy Jeremy Jackson and his pawing at Chloe's robe to expose a boob, now it's Ken and his disrespectful mouth.

Ken, who has made questionable comments regarding women and race, was asked to leave Big Brother on Monday's episode, after receiving a formal warning just days ago. This is how it went down:

CBB: "Ken, before you entered the Big Brother house the rules regarding unacceptable language and behavior were explained to you. You've already received a formal warning for your use of offensive language regarding race in a conversation with Alexander. You were told that Big Beother expected your behavior to change, and you were told in the strongest possible terms that any further use of such offensive language may lead to your removal from the house.

"Today at 7:53AM in a conversation with Keith you again used unacceptable language regarding race. You have also made offensive remarks about nationality and decent in a conversation with Patsy and have continued to make offensive comments towards women. Ken, due to your continued use of offensive and wholly unacceptable language in the house, Big Brother is left with no option other than to remove you from the house.Do you have anything to say?"

Ken Morley: "Nope."

BB16's Frankie on 'Watch What Happens Live' TONIGHT

Big Brother 16's Frankie Grande will be making an appearance on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live tonight, January 13th.

Frankie made the announcement on his Facebook page:

Frankie Grande on Watch What Happens Live

Frankie's episode of Watch What Happens Live will air Tuesday night at 11pm/10c on BRAVO. Will you be watching??

(Thx Patty!)


Jeremy Jackson Booted From CBB For Being a Boob

Jeremy Jackson Kicked Off Celebrity Big Brother
Jeremy Jackson kicked off CBB 2015 on Day 3

Controversial houseguest Jeremy Jackson was kicked off Celebrity Big Brother 2015 after exposing Chloe Goodman's boob while drunk.

It all happened on Day 3. Jeremy, who had been practically drinking since CBB's launch, was drunk again and hugging the toilet when Chloe came into the bathroom to comfort him. That's when Jeremy allegedly opened Chloe's bathrobe to expose her naked boob. Chloe immediately left the room in tears, feeling vulnerable and exposed.

Jeremy apologized right away, saying he didn't think Chloe was naked under her robe. He also blamed it on the alcohol. Perez Hilton was outraged and called for Jeremy to be booted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Celebrity Big Brother Chloe's Boob
Chloe is comforted by Cami

Big Brother spoke with Chloe, who told her side of the story while hyperventilating and crying.
Big Brother then spoke with Jeremy, and also allowed him to tell his side of things. He apologized again, saying he was never aggressive with Chloe and meant no harm. Big Brother then reminded him of the rules, and promptly kicked him out of the Celebrity Big Brother house. Here's how it went down:

Big Brother:  "Hello Jeremy. Before you entered the Big Brother house the rules regarding unacceptable behavior were explained to you. Last night while in the toilet with Chloe, you deliberately opened Chloe's dressing gown. Big Brother deems your behavior to be wholly unacceptable. Is there anything you want to say?"

Jeremy Jackson: "Besides apologizing and insisting that it was not a "ripping open" or an aggressive move that uh ... No. There's nothing. I accept all ramifications."

Big Brother: "As a result of actions, Big Brother has no choice but to remove you from the house.  Jeremy, you must now leave, via the door to your left."