BB16's Cody Calafiore Poses for Gay Magazine, Winq

Cody Calafiore Gay Magazine
Cody Calafiore for Winq
Thanks to Patty for pointing me to this article about Big Brother's Cody Calafiore today, I'm just passing along the eye candy for y'all.

Cody recently posed for gay men's magazine, Winq, and his pics are super smokin' hot. (I think both women and gay men can agree on that.) The article I mention above had this to say about Cody's time on Big Brother 16:

"When he wasn’t on camera cuddling with openly gay houseguest Frankie Grande, he was flashing his amazing ass for fans in the backyard."

Ha! Well, if you'd like to see Cody's amazing assets check out the pics. NSFW.


CBS All Access Pass: BB17 Live Feeds, Survivor 30

Watch any season of Big Brother or Survivor with CBS' All Access Pass

CBS rolled out the "all-access" pass for fans this year and it's pretty cool if you're a fan of Survivor, Big Brother, and other CBS television shows.

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In some areas, your CBS All-Access Pass will allow you to stream CBS episodes LIVE as they are being broadcast. That means you can watch Survivor, Big Brother, or any show on CBS on your mobile device or laptop. It looks like the bigger markets have access. New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, Boston, Detroit, Minneapolis, Miami, Denver, Sacramento, Pittsburgh and Baltimore.
CBS All Access Pass BB17 Live Feeds

(Just my luck, the LIVE streaming feature is NOT available in my area. Go figure. *sigh*)

So, you're probably wondering...
How much is the CBS All Access Pass?

The CBS All Access Pass is only $5.99 per month, which is considerably lower than the Big Brother live feeds have ever been! Great news for Big Brother fans. The BB17 live feeds should be more affordable than ever!

I have talked to CBS and there will be NO SEASON PASS this year. Everything is rolled into the "All-Access" monthly subscription.

I also learned that CBS' All Access will NOT be available in Canada, sorry.

Additional benefits of CBS All Access Pass:

Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Subscription

For more information, here is the CBS All Access Pass FAQ.


Newest Big Brother Canada 3 Commercial Teaser!

Big Brother Canada 3 Commercial

Big Brother Canada's third season premieres on March 23, 2015, which means the countdown IS ON!

BBCAN3 is getting fans excited with their latest teaser!

"Monday March 23rd there will be DRAMA! SHOWMANCES! BACKSTABBING! (Apologies!) And because this is Canada, you won't believe the twists coming this season!"

Can. Not. Wait.

#TBT Throwback Thursday! Big Brother Style

Happy Thursday, Big Brother fans, and since Big Brother season is quickly heating up I'm hoping to get this blog rolling once again! I figured I'd kick it off with a Throwback Thursday (#TBT) post!

Every Thursday I'll be sharing a #TBT post, so here is the first of many.

This photo was snapped after a full day of shooting engagement footage of Brendon and Rachel in Seattle. It was a totally fun day, and if you recall, Brenchel did an "Amazing Race" type of scavenger hunt around Seattle. Lordy do I miss those days!

Brendon and Rachel were always a joy to work with, and were so positive and fun. I just love this photo I snapped at Seattle's Buca de Bepo where Rachel is examining her vintage engagement ring that Brendon had proposed with.

Brendon Villegas Rachel Reilly Engagement Seattle
Rachel and Brendon after their engagement

Happy Thursday, and Happy Big Brother season! It's coming!

Big Brother Canada Premiere Date Nearing!

Big Brother Canada 3 Premiere
Gary inside the BBCAN3 house
BBCAN3 is only just over a month away! 

Wondering when Big Brother Canada 3 premiere date is? Set your DVRs and mark your calendars, the premiere date is March 23, 2015!

On Monday, March 23 at 8PM ET on Global. The show is expected to air on Mondays Wednesday and Fridays. Of course there will be the BBCAN3 live feeds as well. Thanks gawd, I am dying for some live feed action over here! It's been a long winter.

Are you stoked for Big Brother Canada 3?