Rachelle Eats Boogers.

Rachelle Eats Boogers Big Brother Canada
Nom Nom!
I've never been a fan of Rachelle's, I don't dislike her and I don't particularly like her, but the girl's personal hygiene frightens me.

We've seen her pee in the hot tub, and she's picked her nose all season long, along with Andrew and Sabrina. But Rachelle took it to another level when she actually ATE her boogers. Multiple times in one sitting.

A Big Brother Canada 2 fans sent me this video, narrated by Todd on YouTube, and it's hilarious.


My Big Brother HoH Playlist

SpicyPants Big Brother HoH Playlist
Jon listening to his HoH Playlist
I love that Big Brother Canada 2 blogged about Jon's HoH playlist, being as we can't exactly hear the music the HoH's get to listen to. They should totally do this every week. It got me to thinking, what songs would be on my HoH playlist?

I'm obviously an old school type of girl when it comes to music. Classic Rock, New Wave and Old School Rap are among my favorite genres, which is obvious when looking at my playlist. So, in no particular order, here is what my HoH playlist would be, if I had to compile one today. Next week's might be different.

See my HoH Playlist After the Cut!

BBCAN2: Adel or Arlie, Who Do You Want To Go?

BBCAN2 Adel Evicted, Arlie Evicted
Big Brother Canada 2's Adel and Arlie
After a crazy double eviction week and a couple of crazy vetoes, it's Adel and Arlie whose butts are on the line.

It's down to Adel, who was a target at the beginning of the game and has managed to stay alive all this time, and Arlie, who's been pretty much off the radar until recently. Who do YOU want to see be evicted this week on Big Brother Canada 2, and why?

Who Do You Hope is Evicted?


#BBCAN2: Double Eviction Takes Out Sarah and Kenny

BBCAN2 Sarah Kenny Double Eviction
Big Brother Canada 2's Double Eviction Victims
On Thursday, Big Brother Canada 2 dropped a double eviction on the houseguests, resulting in Sarah and Kenny being evicted.

Sarah was evicted first (4-3), under Heather's HoH, and Kenny was backdoored (heh) right after, under Neda's brief HoH, by a ruling of 5-1. Rachelle's stupid ass actually voted to keep him. Are all those boogers affecting her thinking, or what?

Who do you hope wins the next HoH?


Kenny Comes Out To The Entire Big Brother Canada 2 House

Kenny Comes Out on Big Brother Canada 2
#BBCAN2: Kenny comes out! 
Big Brother Canada 2's Kenny Brain finally came out to the entire house.

Kenny Comes Out Rachelle Cries BBCAN2
Kenny coming out seems to upset Rachelle
One week after revealing to Sarah that he is gay, Kenny announced to the the house, "I'm gay!"

Kenny tells the houseguests that he planned on not telling anyone he was gay as a strategy. However, once he realized everyone had boyfriends/was married he figured it wasn't much of a strategy.

"Should I tell them? Should I not tell them? Will they just consider this a massive lie, then consider me a huge liar? Now we're all being honest, so F--- it! Yep, I'm gay!" - Kenny to BBCAN2 houseguests

Rachelle yells, "I would never f----ing guessed, EVER!" She tears up. Finally realizing all that clam flashing did her no damn good.

Rachelle Crying After Kenny Comes Out BBCAN2
Rachelle crying after Kenny comes out (credit: @89razorskate20)