Brittany Martinez Evicted Fourth on Big Brother 16

Big Brother 16 Brittany Martinez Evicted
Brittany sees her children after being evicted from BB16

In not so shocking news, Brittany Martinez, the almost divorced mother of three, was fourth evicted on Big Brother 16 Thursday night. Brittany was voted out of the Big Brother house by a vote of 10-0.  Not one person voted to evict Donnie. 

After her eviction, Brittany was reunited with her three children, who all look very much like her.

So long, Britt!


Frankie Grande Learns His Grandpa, Frank Grande, Has Died.

BB16 Frankie Grande Grandfather Died
Frankie grieves on #BB16

Not since Big Brother 2 have we seen anything like this. Frankie Grande's grandfather, Frank Grande, died while Frankie was in the Big Brother 16 house.

Fans wondered if Big Brother would tell him about his grandfather, and there were reports that Frankie's grandpa did not want Frankie to leave the BB16 house after his death.

At approximately 4:40pm EST the Big Brother 16 live feeds went to fish, and when they returned after 5:00pm EST, Frankie was in tears, having been informed of his grandpa's death.

"It didn't even occur to me it could possibly happen." - Frankie

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Flashback Time
July 23, 5:00pm BBT

Frankie tells houseguests his grandpa's name was Frank Grande. He remembers him fondly, and tells stories about Frank, who definitely sounds like a fun-loving man. Frank Grande was Frankie's mother's dad.

Frankie tells HGs that if he wins HOH he'll get photos of his grandpa. He also reveals his grandpa was friends with 1940s fighter, Rocky Graziano.

Frankie told the BB16 houseguests his grandpa had been fighting cancer but that his condition had improved before he left for the Big Brother 16 house.

Frankie Grande's Grandpa Died, Says Sister Ariana Grande

BB16 Frankie Grande Sister Ariana Grande
Frankie and Ariana Grande

Big Brother 16's Frankie Grande has terrible news waiting for him when he leaves the BB16 house.

His grandfather has died.

Frankie's sister, pop sensation Ariana Grande, posted the news on Twitter.

"Thank you for your continuous love & light over the past few weeks... we did lose my favorite person to ever exist yesterday, my grandpa :'("

She continued with more tweets:

"if only y'all knew how amazing he was.. my <3 hurts so much. It's beyond  broken :'( but I got to hold his hand and watch him find his peace."
"This is the hardest thing imaginable but I'm so grateful that I got to spend this time with him & my family. taking care of him & loving him."

RIP, Grampy!


BB16: Caleb and Amber Go On A BB Date

Big Brother 16 Caleb Amber Date Night
Caleb and Amber's big awkward date.

After weeks of trying to get on her good side, Caleb finally got Amber to go on a Big Brother "date" with him.

Big Brother 16 Caleb And Amber Date
Amber finally says yes to Caleb's date.
After getting more alcohol than they've gotten all season, the BB16 houseguests mingled in the kitchen over their liquor booty. Out of nowhere Cody asked Amber on a "BB date".

"I have set up a date for two lovely people in this house . . . and I guess I'll ask you (motions to Amber), would you like to go on a date with me? I have it lit up and it's perfect. Would you go on a date with me?"

After some hemming and hawing, Amber agrees.

BB16 Caleb and Amber Date
Caleb and Amber 'Cheers!'
Minutes later Caleb tells Amber he wants her to talk about her feelings once they're out of the house.

"Hopefully outside of the game you will show more emotions, and tell me how you really feel and all that but not now, because we are in a game, good or bad, but we can do that later."

Amber assures Caleb that she's made it clear where she stands.

"I've been straight up already, about everything."

See it for yourself on the Big Brother Live Feeds:
Flashback Time: July 22, 9:27pm

Christine Brecht's Husband "Not Stoked" She's Cuddling With Cody

BB16 Christine Brecht and Cody Calafiore
BB16: Christine Brecht's husband says to lay off the tweets!

Big Brother 16's Christine Brecht may have been cuddling with Cody, but her husband is quite aware of this, so you can probably stop with the tweets.

Christine & Cody cuddling: 
Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Flashback Time 
July 22, 4:23 PM Cam 1

On Tuesday Christine's husband, Tim, tweeted:

"I just blocked about 30 people. no, I'm not stoked about Christine cuddling with Cody. no, its not your issue so chill."

He then thanked fans who have been supportive. (Other fans haven't been so nice, as I'm sure you can imagine. Hopefully Tim can manage to ignore those nutbag fans.)

Big Brother 16: Devin's Daughter is Adorable

BB16 Devin Has A Daughter
Devin and his daughter, after BB16

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know that Big Brother 16's Devin Shepherd has a daughter (#DevinHasADaughter), but enough kidding around, his daughter is gorgeous! Little Jayden Sofia definitely has her daddy's smile.

So go ahead and make fun of him for talking about his daughter all the time while in the Big Brother 16 house, but just look at her. What a babe! Good for Devin, at least he's a good dad.