Video: BB17 Jury Questions the Final Two

BB17 Jury Questions
BB17's Final 2: Steve and Liz
Steve killed the questions from the Big Brother 17 jury on finale night, and if you missed it, here's the video. Steve handled the jury beautifully. Liz seemed to be perfectly content with second place.

Poor Steve had to repeat his first answer to jury three times due to a technical audio glitch. It was a rough start but he came through in the end, proving that he was indeed the right person to be crowned winner of BB17.

Watch the BB17 jury ask Steve and Liz questions before making their decision who to vote for as the winner of Big Brother 17:

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Congrats Steve Moses, Winner of Big Brother 17!

BB17 Steve Moses Winner of Big Brother
Steve is the BB17 Winner!

Wondering who won BB17?

Congratulations to Stee-vah!

Steve Moses was crowned the winner of Big Brother 17 Wednesday night, in a somewhat shocking finale episode.

Most BB17 fans expected Vanessa to walk away as the winner this season but Steve's Part 3 HOH win assured him the win. He went back on his word to Vanessa, taking Liz to the Final 2.

Steve seemed genuinely shocked to win Final HOH, and even more shocked to actually win BB17. Liz was a very gracious runner-up and seemed perfectly content with second place. She also looked super hot. ;)

Steve KILLED the questions by jury and actually showed that he was more of a strategist than we may have given him credit for.

Great BB17 finale.

Congratulations, Steve Moses, YOU are the winner of Big Brother 17!

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Liz and Austin Break Up After VETO Comp!

BB17 Liz and Austin Broke Up
Are Liz & Austin OVER?

Drama on the Big Brother 17 live feeds this weekend!
Liz and Austin basically broke up after Austin won POV (he didn't throw it to Julia) and will likely use it on  himself (the nerve!). Liz has been stone cold to Austin ever since, and here's what's been going down. All the BB17 Live Feeds flashback times are for...

Saturday, September 5

3:53 PM - Liz says Austin is "definitely NOT the one."
4:10 Wearing his Veto necklace, Austin goes into the bedroom and sits on the bed where Liz is fake sleeping.
4:11 Liz ignores Austin and continues fake sleeping. As he plays with the Veto necklace around his neck he exhales loudly a couple of times, as if hoping to catch Liz's attention. She continued laying there like a downed tree.

BB17 Liz Austin Break Up

4:12 Austin touches Liz's back as he admires himself in the mirror wearing his Veto necklace. Liz doesn't move. Then Vanessa barges in. She tries to smooth things over. Liz sits up to listen.

Liz Austin BB17

4:15 Vanessa leaves. Liz rolls back over and resumes playing dead.
4:16 Austin continues sitting by Liz as she fake sleeps. He touches her and does the sighing thing again.
4:18 Austin touches Liz's back, kind of leaning on her. Then he places his hand on her back. He continues watching over her, DYING for her to throw him a bone. Liz continues acting like a corpse.

BB17 Austin Liz Showmance Break Up

4:20 Liz tells Austin to just leave her alone. She sounds like she's crying. Another big sigh from Austin. He leaves.
4:22 Liz is called to the diary room, and she is pissed about it.
4:23 Liz does her makeup in the bathroom while Julia showers. Liz tells her sister, "I'm embarrassed."
4:24 Liz tells Julia, "I hope there's room for me in your bed cos I'm sleeping with you rest of the week. He is getting no loving from this girl."
4:25 Austin tells Steve, "What am I supposed to do? I gotta play the game."

5:09 CAM1/2: This is where the fight begins.
Liz has moved to Julia's bed.
Austin tried to talk to Liz but she's not having it. She's short with him but he sticks around.

Austin and Liz BB17 Showmance

5:10 - Steve enters the room with goodies for Liz.
5:11 Austin tells Liz he never meant to hurt her. Then he explains why he did what he did, re: the Veto comp.
5:12 Liz responds saying that his reaction was everything, and that "this probably isn't going to end well (between them)."
5:13 Austin explaining his side of things....blah, blah...
5:14 Liz says he was bragging about his veto win, she starts crying. "You are disgusting me," she cried. Austin strikes back. "You are SO off base right now. I RUINED MY LIFE FOR YOU."

Liz: "Oh really, HOW."
Austin: "I chose you over a girl at home because I fell in f***ing love with you."
Liz is all like, "seriously, wtf?" and Austin in flabbergasted that she is THIS pissed at him.
I have never lied to you. I sacrificed my game for you. I'm telling you, I love you with all of my heart, and if you don't believe all the moments we've had are real..."

5:25 Julia throws Austin's belongings everywhere. Liz laughs her ass off.
5:28 Liz tells Julia about the fight she had with Austin.

BB17 Liz Austin Fight

UPDATE: 9/6 - Looks like they've smoothed things over....for now.

Do you think Liz is officially throwing Austin to the curb or do you think they'll patch things up? 


Meg and James Evicted

BB17 Meg Maley James Huling Evicted
Bye bye Meg and James, the two houseguests were evicted from the Big Brother 17 house Thursday evening during a double eviction.

Meg was first evicted, as we all knew would happen Thursday. Liz won the following HOH and put James and Johnny Mac on the block. Julia won veto, kept the noms the same, and James was evicted.

During Meg's exit interview Julie Chen asked if there was a chance of a romance blooming between the two and Meg was like, hell no, just friends. Too bad, I kind of think they're adorable together. Certainly more endearing than Austin and Liz.


Fan Uses Megaphone to Yell Over BB17 Fence

Big Brother Megahorn Fence Incident
Meg hears the megahorn message in the BB17 backyard
As has happened many times in the Big Brother house in the past, a Big Brother fan (or fans) decided to let the house in on some secrets by using a megaphone over the fence (and across the LA "river".) 

BB17 Megahorn Message in Backyard
James hears the megahorn fan

Flashback Time: 9/1 Tuesday 9:13 PM BBT

9:13 PM The megaphone fan starts yelling into the backyard. James says he heard, "Austin wants Julia out." Both Johnny Mac and Meg agree.

 Johnny Mac asks, "What do we do?!" Both Meg and James tell him not to say anything to the other houseguests. Liz walks into the backyard shortly after and everyone continues on like nothing happened.

 9:18 PM Big Brother calls for a lockdown after the megahorn fan starts yelling again.

It seems BB17 fans agree, this is what was said by the megahorn person:

"Vote out Julia. America wants Julia out. Austin and Vanessa have deals with everyone."

Did you miss it? Here's the video, courtesy of BigBrotherClips on YouTube:


Johnny Mac Evicted, Then Re-Enters the House

Johnny McGuire, a.k.a. Johnny Mac, was evicted on BB17 Thursday, by a vote of 5-0. However he was not entirely out of the game.

John got to compete against the other jury members (Jackie, Shelli and Becky) for a spot back in the house. And almost as swiftly as he was evicted, Johnny Mac was right back in the Big Brother 17 house.

(Personally I was bummed that Shelli or Jackie didn't make it back in. I know that if either of them returned they'd make it more interesting than Mr. Johnny Mac.)

Vanessa won HOH (yippee.) and Julie announced it's another Double Eviction this week so let's hope there's some action on the live feeds this week!