Wil Heuser's Drunk #BB16 Saga!

Wil Heuser YouTube  BB16 The Saga
Wil Heuser's Drunken BB16 The Saga!

Yay, I love me some Wil Heuser, but I really love me some drunk Wil!

This week's #BB16TheSaga was done a little differently by Wil, this time he narrates the episode after drinking heavily. (Was he really drunk -  or acting? I say he was tipsy!)

There are sooooo many great quotes in this episode! Here are just a few of my faves:

  • "I just vomited in my mouth."

  • "Am I going cross-eyed right now?!"

  • "And she says to Megan ... Brittany! She says to Brittany..."

  • "My name is Julie Chen...and I don't like families."

  • "Who do you think has a chance to win the show?"  ... "CBS."

Love you, Wil! *hiccup*

#BBCAN2 Wedding: Adel Elseri Proposes to Girlfriend!

Big Brother Canada 2 Adel and Abby Wedding
Adel and his soon-to-be wife
Big Brother Canada 2's Adel Elseri is officially engaged to be married!

BBCAN2 Adel Elseri Abby Chebli
Adel and Abby
We heard Adel talk about his girlfriend a lot while in the BBCAN2 house, and if you recall, he even spoke about proposing to her while on the show. Well, he finally proposed, earlier this month apparently, and she said YES.

Adel and Abby, both Lebanese Canadians, seem made for one another. Both have quirky senses of humor, are passionate about their home country and are gorgeous to boot.

No word on a wedding date. We'll keep you posted.

Congrats Adel & Abby!


Derrick's Grandpa Died Now, Too.

Big Brother 16 Frankie and Derrick's Grandpas Died
Frankie and Derrick's grandpa's died within days of each other.

What a week inside the Big Brother 16 house.

Earlier this week Frankie Grande's grandpa, Frank Grande, passed away after losing his battle with cancer.

Frank Grande's death sparked some controversy with some Big Brother 16 fans who speculated Frankie would use his grandpa's death as a way to manipulate the game. Some even suggested the whole thing was a ratings ploy (seriously?!).

But then Derrick's grandpa died on Friday...

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds 
Flashback Time 7:55pm BBT
Cams 1/2 and 3/4

His wife confirmed the sad news on Twitter.

Derrick told the houseguests that after he earned of his grandfather's death that BB16 production let him record a video message for the funeral. Derrick added that he was concerned about his father, who was very close to Grandpa Levasseur.

Big Brother 16 Grandpa Deaths
Big Brother 16 HGs learn about Derrick's grandpa's death.

Minister Jocasta was surprisingly silent after news of Derrick's grandpa.

What a bizarre year. I can't imagine how this is all affecting every single houseguest, let alone Frankie and Derrick. Everyone in that house must be thinking of their own loved ones. I can't imagine being locked away from the real world as my family was going through something so major. I would probably have to leave.

How about you? Would you stay in the Big Brother house, or would you decide to leave and be with your family? 

Frankie Says He Will "Milk" His Grandpa's Death? Uh, No He Didn't.

Big Brother 16 Frankie Milking Grandpa's Death
Frankie Grande discusses noms with Hayden 

After his grandpa died, many Big Brother fans were worried about Frankie Grande.

Would Big Brother tell Frankie about his grandpa's death, or not? It took a few hours, but eventually BB did tell Frankie, and Frankie was seemingly upset, as any normal person would be. He even eulogized his grandpa during Big Brother After Dark.

Fast forward to today, Thursday. Eviction night.

After Brittany Martinez's eviction, Frankie and Zach were named as the new HOHs (thanks, Derrick). Immediately they began discussing who to put on the chopping block.

Well, the goal is for ZACH to be the standing HOH this week, Frankie doesn't want it. He only wanted photos of his grandfather, which he mentioned multiple times after his grandpa's death. Thanks to Derrick throwing the HOH comp, Frankie got them. Frankie's fault Derrick threw it?


Fast forward to 8:33pm BBT Thursday night, the witching hour for when Frankie haters are CLAIMING he said he was going to milk his grandfather's death.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but HE NEVER SAID he was going to milk his grandpa's death.

In fact, I challenged ANYONE to quote me exactly when/what Frankie said and not ONE PERSON could quote Frankie saying he was going to milk his grandpa's death. WHY? Because it never happened.

So, to end all this B.S. arguing, here is what Frankie DID say.

Frankie: "So, I'm a little conflicted, I really don't wnt to put Donnie up, but my reason for putting Donnie up..."

Hayden interrupts and Frankie continues:

"Well, I was going to say because he's won every POV, and I can be like, 'You're a beast, and you're gonna take yourself down.' So I'm not worried about it...I can do the whole, 'Oh, I got my picture, and my grandfather, that's all I wanted...and that's why I put him up, I could say that."

So THAT is the EXACT quote that people are twisting into Frankie milking his grandpa's death. If you have been watching, you would know, Frankie DID want HOH to get photos of his grandfather, that is the truth. But he never did anything to manipulate people into believing he was grieving worse than he was. And the fact that Frankie isn't sobbing 24/7 doesn't mean he is not grieving.

People who are taking this and are running with it, get real. You are making it out to be something that it's not.

My opinion? Some Big Brother fans are ruining the show. It's getting worse every season. People are actively seeking controversy, a reason to be outraged, a reason to HATE. 
I just can't anymore.


Brittany Martinez Evicted Fourth on Big Brother 16

Big Brother 16 Brittany Martinez Evicted
Brittany sees her children after being evicted from BB16

In not so shocking news, Brittany Martinez, the almost divorced mother of three, was fourth evicted on Big Brother 16 Thursday night. Brittany was voted out of the Big Brother house by a vote of 10-0.  Not one person voted to evict Donnie. 

After her eviction, Brittany was reunited with her three children, who all look very much like her.

So long, Britt!


Frankie Grande Learns His Grandpa, Frank Grande, Has Died.

BB16 Frankie Grande Grandfather Died
Frankie grieves on #BB16

Not since Big Brother 2 have we seen anything like this. Frankie Grande's grandfather, Frank Grande, died while Frankie was in the Big Brother 16 house.

Fans wondered if Big Brother would tell him about his grandfather, and there were reports that Frankie's grandpa did not want Frankie to leave the BB16 house after his death.

At approximately 4:40pm EST the Big Brother 16 live feeds went to fish, and when they returned after 5:00pm EST, Frankie was in tears, having been informed of his grandpa's death.

"It didn't even occur to me it could possibly happen." - Frankie

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Flashback Time
July 23, 5:00pm BBT

Frankie tells houseguests his grandpa's name was Frank Grande. He remembers him fondly, and tells stories about Frank, who definitely sounds like a fun-loving man. Frank Grande was Frankie's mother's dad.

Frankie tells HGs that if he wins HOH he'll get photos of his grandpa. He also reveals his grandpa was friends with 1940s fighter, Rocky Graziano.

Frankie told the BB16 houseguests his grandpa had been fighting cancer but that his condition had improved before he left for the Big Brother 16 house.