Jeff and Jackie from Amazing Race on BB

Jeff Jackie Big Brother 17
Jeff and Jackie from TAR 
Rumor Control time! Lordy, I miss SuperPass and Rumor Control. One of the many rumors for Big Brother 17 is that Jeff and Jackie from The Amazing Race are the +2.

 It seems to be true. There's lots of evidence, including a leak from CBS in a BB17 promo. You always have to wonder if they enjoy putting those out there, or if someone from CBS made a mistake...

Hamsterwatch had a great idea, if you want to learn more about Jeff and Jackie, use your CBS All Access Pass to watch Jeff and Jackie on The Amazing Race Season 26. I'm totally doing this, I actually didn't watch that season and I feel totally out of the loop. If you haven't gotten the Big Brother 17 live feeds yet, get on it!


Audrey Middleton: First Transgender Houseguest BBUS

Big Brother 17 Audrey Middleton Transgender
Audrey Middleton
The Big Brother 17 cast was revealed today and fans are buzzing about the first transgender (BBUS) houseguest, Audrey Middleton.

Audrey was born Adam, and transitioned years ago. TMZ reports that Audrey's family wasn't very supportive of her becoming transgendered in the beginning, but are more supportive these days.

Most Big Brother fans seem to be supportive, but there are those who are offended right away.

Personally, I didn't like Audrey in her interview with Jeff, but I am hoping she wins me over.  Your thoughts, BB17 fans?


Big Brother 17 CAST REVEAL Interviews on JUNE 16, 2015

Big Brother Janelle Pierzina
Wondering when the Big Brother 17 cast will be revealed and we'll get to watch BB17 cast interviews?

The BB17 cast reveal is only 2-weeks away!

June 16th, 2015, CBS Big Brother will announce the cast of Season 17, which includes photos, bios and videos. You can only watch the pre-season interviews and live feeds using the all-new CBS ALL ACCESS PASS.
(In case you've been living under a rock, here's the technical information on the BB17 live feeds subscriptions.)


Season 17 Live Feeds Information and June Schedule

BB17 Big Brother 17 Live Feeds
Okay, so we know that the Big Brother 17 live feeds will be on CBS' All-Access Pass this season, we know they may be edited or delayed, and we know they will go live on June 24th. But what pre-season BB17 online content will CBS offer? Here's some info.

In June there will be a few events to watch with the All Access Pass, including one HUGE event - the cast reveal! There will also be a special chat with BB16 winner Derrick and another one with Frankie.

On June 16th we get to watch the Big Brother 17 cast interviews, so you will definitely want to have your CBS All-Access Pass by then!

Get your first week free now to see if you love it!

Here's the June schedule from CBS:

  • Exclusive LIVE stream interview with the new houseguests on 6/16 VIP 
  • VIP chat with BB16 season’s winner Derrick on 6/10 
  • VIP chat with fan favorite, Frankie on 6/15 
  • LIVE FEEDS begin 6/25

All BB17 Season: 

  • Big Brother Live Feeds - the full Big Brother experience with 24/7** live footage of what’s going on in the Big Brother house as it happens 
  •  Live Feed exclusives: Subscriber-only votes 
  •  Full episodes from previous seasons 
  •  4 cameras plus a quad view 
  •  Rewind and highlight capabilities 
  •  Community and VIP chat rooms 

 New, as part of CBS All Access: 

  • New episodes of hit shows on demand the next day across devices 
  • Access to over 6,500 full episodes of current shows and fan favorites on-demand (includes all past 16 seasons of Big Brother) 
  •  Live TV across desktop, mobile, and streaming devices*  

"BB17 Live Feeds start after the west coast broadcast on Thursday 6/25" - CBS

Sorry, Canada: 

It's true, no Canadian access to the BB17 live feeds this season.

From CBS: "We're sorry to announce that this year's Live Feeds service will not be available to Canadian fans. It is included as a part of CBS All Access, a service only available in the US. We hope to make CBS All Access available to Canada in the future."


More info about the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds:
Order the BB17 live feeds here
BB17 live feeds subscription Q&A
Are the BB17 live feeds available in Canada?
CBS says BB17 live feeds may be edited

Yes, The Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Will Be In HD

Will the Big Brother 17 live feeds be in HD? Yes, according to CBS.

BB17 Live Feeds HD

Great news for Big Brother fans who love the HD feature. Last year was the first year of HD and I thought it worked out quite nicely. The picture was a million times clearer. A little known fact is that SuperPass actually had the ability to handle HD in previous seasons but CBS never stepped up to the plate the upgrade their equipment. Finally they have caught up with the times and BB17 live feeds will again be in high-definition (HD).

Notice the small print though:

"To preserve the integrity of Big Brother and other reasons, the feeds may be edited, delayed or blacked out on occasion at CBS' sole discretion."


Now I bet you're really missing those SuperPass days, yeah?

Canada: Topaz Brady, Liza Stinton Twitter Fight!

BBCAN Topaz Liza Fight
Topaz VS. Liza

It looks like Big Brother Canada's Topaz and Liza still hate each other. Topaz posted a tweet Friday calling Liza out for spreading rumors about her amongst fellow BBCAN alumni.
Liza seemed bewildered by Topaz's comments and denied any shit talking.

Some BB fans, and even Liza, suspect Ika is the one behind it all.

Are you Team Liza or Team Topaz?