Becky Is Ninth Evicted

BB17 Becky Evicted
Becky Burgess is the latest houseguest to be evicted on Big Brother 17.

(Insert train jokes here.)

Becky is the 9th person to leave the BB17 house. She will be joining Shelli and Jackie in the jury house. The three women will compete to return to the Big Brother house.

Who are you rooting for?


Shelli and Jackie Evicted from the Big Brother 17 House

Shelli Poole Evicted BB17
Adios to Shelli and doze teef!

A week after her showmance partner was voted out, Shelli Poole was evicted from the Big Brother 17 house. And in a surprising twist of events, Jackie was also evicted during this week's double eviction.

There was no amount of ass kissing and tears that would have kept Shelli in the house this week. Even Shelli's great gameplay couldn't keep her around during the double eviction.

After Shelli's departure (she's the first member of jury, by the way) Steve was the new HOH.

Boy, did he blow it.

Jackie Evicted BB17 House
Jackie leaves the BB17 house
Steve nominated Meg and JACKIE, because apparently he was hoping to backdoor Becky, who he has looong wanted out of the house. But you can never bet on a backdoor working according to plan. Johnny Mac won POV, kept the nominations the same and that was Jackie's ticket out the door.

The good news for Shelli and Jackie fans is that the two ladies (and presumably another houseguest) will compete to get back into the house. Big Brother has informed all houseguest of this, which I think is stupid, but anyway...

As a Jackie fan myself I am hoping she makes it back into the BB17 house. I know there are a lot of people who don't like Shelli, but I don't mind her. Girlfriend plays the game and she plays hard. Can't hate her for that! Should be a good competition between those two to say the least.

Who do you hope returns to the Big Brother 17 house, Shelli or Jackie?


Clay Honeycutt Evicted on Big Brother 17

Clay Evicted BB17
Clay heads back to Texas
This year's eye candy (well it ain't Austin!), Clay Honeycutt, was evicted from the Big Brother 17 house Thursday night.

In his eviction speech Clay asked houseguests to keep Shelli over him, and they did. By a vote of 9-0 Clay was evicted from the BB17 house.

Clay joins Jason, Audrey, Jeff, Da'Vonne and Jace in the real world. Houseguests who are evicted from this point on will make the jury house.

Will you miss Clay, and do you think Shelli has what it takes to survive in the Big Brother house without her man?


Evel Dick Smashes Zach Rance's Phone

Evel Dick and Zach Fight Big Brother
Evel and Zach Rance: No love lost

BB16's Zach Rance and Evel Dick haven't been getting along recently, most likely because Dick made a comment to Zach about polishing Frankie's balls on Dick at Nite. (Watch the awkward discussion for free, click on EPISODE #19.)

Anyhow, Dick had Zach on his show, with Shannon Elizabeth and James Rhine, and Zach basically lost his shit after Evel made a comment about him polishing Frankie's balls. Zach basically refused to speak after the comment and offered nothing for the rest of the show. When he left, Shannon, James and Dick laughed about how weird he acted.

Tonight, Evel Dick and Zach reunited at some event (I'm too lazy to look and see WTF it was) and Zach was live streaming as usual, and Evel Dick came walking by. Zach immediately acted like nothing happened the other night (mistake) and asked Evel Dick to give a shout out to his "fans".  Dick wasn't having it and basically told him to go fuck himself. Zach kept on him, "Oh, COME ON!"

"That's one strike!" says Dick, clearly giving Zach his own medicine. Zach's jaw drops for some reason. Like he is shocked. It continues, then Dicks grabs Zach's phone and either tosses it or throws it to the ground. Some random hipster retrieves it and that's the end of Zach's YouNow chat for the night. Heh.

Watch the Evel Dick and Zach Rance video here: https://www.younow.com/ranceypants/61814738/8883565/1043/b/August-6,-2015

The Charity event was the Hearts of Reality fundraiser for Give Kids the World.


Shelli and Clay Finally Kiss on BB17

BB17 Shelli and Clay Showmance Kiss
Shelli and Clay Kiss During Their Last BB17 Week Together

It's Shelli and Clay's final week together in the Big Brother 17 house, and after a month and a half of keeping it platonic, the showmance couple finally kissed Tuesday night.

BB17 Live Feeds Flashback: August 4 10:27PM CAM 1/2

Clay and Shelli are in the backyard on the round lounger. They start kissing. Then they keep kissing. And kissing, and kissing! The only thing that stopped them after two minutes is one of the twins walking into the backyard. Once they realize no one saw them they have a good laugh and kiss briefly again.

With both Shelli and Clay on the chopping block this week, who do you hope is evicted from the BB17 

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Jason Says Liz is a "Hooker"

BB17 Liz Called a HookerBig Brother 17 Jason Calls Liz Hooker

Here's a post eviction interview with Jason you won't soon forget!

After his eviction last night Jason is doing the usual rounds of interviews today, and his interview with KFRG radio is hilarious. He calls Liz a hooker and says she's sleeping with a guy she doesn't like (Austin) for money! He said it, not me. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

Interviewer: "Did you know about the Sixth Sense alliance?"

Jason Roy: "We did not. I think there was a suspicion of that, but no one had really confirmed it .... I think them putting me up this week has been the strongest confirmation, and line in the sand. I think everyone I'm working with now fully realizes that there is something going on."

Interviewer: "They always give you guys your goodbye messages when you leave, but Liz had some strong words for you. What would you say to her?"

"Liz knows exactly what she is. She's a hooker. She's laying in bed with a guy she don't like for a paycheck . . . I would never kick someone while they were down like she did me." - Jason.

Ouch! Truth hurts. Listen to Jason's interview with KFRG radio in it's entirety below.

Big Brother 17's Jason Roy interview with KFRG radio

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