Christine's Family Disappointed With Her Affection For Cody

Big Brother 16 Christine and Cody Showmance
Christine says it's strategy, but we're not buying it.

On last night's Big Brother 16 Julie Chen showed the houseguests video clips & messages from their families. Christine's ended up being all about her husband Tim ...  and her flirtmance with Cody.

It seems that BB16 fans aren't the only ones who think Christine and Cody's relationship is inappropriate, Tim and Christine's family both think it's a little weird.

Julie Chen kicked it off with the following introduction:

"Christine and Cody's relationship may seem innocent enough to them, BUT, what do Christine's husband and family think of this Big Brother flirtmance?"

Flashback to Christine, Victoria and Frankie talking about Christine's rings, mostly her wedding ring. Frankie tells her, "You just don't look like a married woman." Christine laughs and replies, "I know, I know. I don't act like one, either."

Then it's time to meet the families.

BB16 Christine's Husband Tim
Tim on Big Brother 16

Tim is first. He talks about how he and Christine have been married for 2 1/2 years but have known each other since they were 12.

The Big Brother 16 cameras also captured Christine and Tim's families watching an episode of BB16. Christine's brother comments, "Christine is always playing with his (Cody's) hair; they're always touching each other."

Christine's mom and dad don't exactly look pleased as they witness their married daughter flirting with Cody:

Christine's mom and dad watch the flirtmance on BB16
Mom says, "Awkward!"

Tim agrees. "Watching Christine on the show ... it's the most surreal thing I've ever experienced. There are things that I would personally change," he gulps loudly. "The hair-pettings ... whatever, the arm ticklings  ... whatever, I think it's the hand holding that I'm like, um, unlatch from each other real quick."

BB16 Christine Cody Tim
Christine and Cody's showmance spotlighted on Thursday's BB16 episode.

"Christine's realtionship with Cody I do think is a little odd. Personally I do think a couple of boundaries have been crossed. Cody is a very good looking guy, but I am also a fairly attractive fellow..."

Christine's mom, Debbie, is also unhappy with her daughter's behavior. "I do not like Christine flirting with Cody ... at all. I'm not happy. I think she's getting too close, and she's married, and it's not right.I feel like I raised her different."

"Half of me wants her to win ... half of me kinda wants her out ... away from Cody." - Christine's mom.

The footage returns to Tim and the families. Tim says he and Christine sort of agreed on her doing what she had to to win, but "at the same time, they could throw a little respect my way. They don't have to be doing that for strategy."

Christine's dad also speaks out.

"I'm not liking what I'm seeing there. I understand the game, but it's just uncomfortable as a father to watch."

Meanwhile, Cody's family defended him saying their Italian family is very "touchy feely." Cody's sister agrees with Christine's family though. "I say personally, back off a little bit."

The segment ends with Tim saying he will support his wife at the Big Brother 16 finale, but when they are alone for the first time he will tell her how it affected him and how he would have liked to see her "do other things."

Do you think Christine's behavior in the Big Brother house is unacceptable, or is 'all fair' in the BB house?


Victoria Found On The Bathroom Floor In Pain

Big Brother 16 Victoria Rafaeli Wisdom Teeth
BB16 Live Feed Screen Grab of Victoria's swollen face from LK

Breaking News: Big Brother 16 houseguest Victoria Rafaeli was found on the bathroom floor, crying and in serious pain.

Last night live feeders noticed that Victoria's face was swollen. Apparently her wisdom teeth were causing her some discomfort. As a former dental assistant I knew right away that Victoria has an infection going on and needs antibiotics, STAT. Not sure if Big Brother had her seen by a doctor last night or not (anyone know?), but her wisdom teeth pain continued until this morning, when she was found slumped on the bathroom floor in pain.

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Flashback 
Saturday 8/23 11:14AM CAM 1/2

Victoria has been in the bathroom for an extended period of time. Nicole is plucking her eyebrows and doing her morning routine when she hears Victoria crying in the bathroom. After listening for a moment, she asks, "Victoria, are you okay? ... You need something? ... Are you going to the bathroom?"

Nicole approaches the bathroom and opens the door. She finds Victoria on the bathroom floor. We see her hand near the toilet.

BB16 Victoria Wisdom Teeth Bathroom Floor
Nicole finds Victoria in pain on the bathroom floor
Nicole is stunned at Victoria's condition. "What doesn't feel good? Oh my God, you're so sweaty!"

"Okay, I'm going to go get help, okay?"

Nicole screams for the police officer, Derrick, and the live feeds go to fish.

Quite a scary situation, as tooth infections can easily spread to the brain, especially with top teeth. My guess is that her wisdom teeth are impacted and require surgery. In the meantime, a steady dose of antibiotics for 10-days or so should help clear up any infection Victoria may have. She won't be getting any teeth pulled now, not with an infection, but this should take care of her until she leaves the Big Brother house and can get the required surgery on her wisdom teeth.

I might not be the biggest Victoria fan, but tooth pain is no joke. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Nicole is BACK in the Big Brother 16 House!

BB16 Nicole Franzel Re-Enters The Game
Nicole makes it back in the BB16 house!

Nicole Franzel's fans are freaking out tonight as Nicole won the competition to return to the Big Brother 16 house!

The four jury members competing were newly evicted Zach, Nicole, Hayden and Jocasta.

For awhile there it looked like Jocasta was going to win, but thankfully Nicole pulled it off and saved us from throwing bricks at our TV screens. (Can I get an "Amen"?)

We still don't know who the new HOH is going to be, the feeds are down but we can assume they'll be up tonight after the comp. However, if it's an endurance comp, we could be waiting awhile.

I would have loved Zach to return to the BB16 house, but I'll definitely take Nicole.

Your thoughts on Nicole returning to the Big Brother 16 house?


BB16 Fan Yells Out to Caleb, Zach and Frankie

Big Brother 16 Fan Yells Into Backyard
Big Brother fan yells over the backyard wall

Tonight while shooting pool in the Big Brother 16 backyard, Caleb, Zach and Frankie all hear a fan yell something to them. But what was said?

BigBrother 16 Live Feeds
Flashback Time: Monday, Aug. 18, 10:19:47 pm

The male fan was allegedly heard yelling:

"Caleb we hate you, Zach we love you, Frankie you're disgusting!" 
Fans immediately used the flashback feature on the BB16 Live Feeds to determine what exactly was said. Zach thought everything said was positive, but it seems he was wrong. The screamer may have been no fan of Caleb's or Frankie's.

(Did you hear something else? If so, let me know what you think you heard in the comments below.)

Better than the guy yelling into the backyard is Zach's reaction. He yelled back, "We love you, too! We love you! You're the f***ing man!"

If you could yell something over the Big Brother 16 backyard walls, what would it be?


BB16 Fans Yell 'I Love You, Zach!' Into the Backyard

Big Brother 16 Fans Yell Into Backyard
Derrick loves hearing the BB16 fans yell, "I love you, Zach!"

As some of you hardcore fans know, the Big Brother house has plenty of residential neighbors and it's possible for fans to yell into the backyard and be heard. It's been awhile since fans have attempted to contact Big Brother houseguests, but Monday night it happened.

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds 
Flashback Time 8/11 10:15pm (just before 10:16) BBT

Derrick, Christine and Cody are outside talking on the hammock. They hear someone yell something about Big Brother. Then Derrick hears, "I love you, Zach!"

Christine isn't impressed. "That's disgusting!"

"Oh my gawd, I definitely just heard them say it," Derrick says. He's getting a kick out of it while Christine keeps repeating how disgusted she is. "Please don't tell him that that just happened," she begs.

Derrick replies, "I have to. That's amazing. Is that not amazing? Is that not amazing?! That is f***ing ridiculous!"

Christine chimes in again. "You can't tell him that, he's gonna..." Derrick cuts her off. "SO frigging jealous right now, it's not even funny."

"He's gonna have a huge head," Christine finishes.

"Is that something you HAVE to tell him?" Derrick asks Cody. (Saying it more as a statement than asking a question.) Cody says he didn't hear it. Christine says she didn't hear it clearly either.
Derrick tells them exactly what he heard:

"I heard, 'We love you, Big Brother, clear as day, and then I heard, 'I love you, Zach,' and the guy said, 'I love you more!' So sick!"

"You heard it too!" Derrick points at Christine, who laughs, and without saying anything, acknowledges that she heard it too.

Then Big Brother called for a lockdown and we got fish. So which of you superfans is going to admit it was you? :)

(Houseguests talk about the incident again at 11:24pm)

GinaMarie Isn't a Fan of Christine's.

BB16 Christine Brecht GinaMarie Zimmerman
Christine talks about GinaMarie, GinaMarie responds on Twitter.

After talking about BB15's GinaMarie Zimmerman on the Big Brother 16 live feeds, Christine Brecht has managed to ruffle some feathers.

GinaMarie's feathers.

Monday afternoon Christine nonchalantly mentioned that she doesn't like GinaMarie or Amanda from BB15. I'm pretty sure at that point GinaMarie and Amanda's fans starting tweeting them, telling them what Christine said, and helping to fuel the fire.

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds
Flashback time 8/11 1:40pm BBT

GinaMarie responded via Twitter, and she pulled no punches.

"Just remember I don't start shit , I finish it #bb16 . Don't say nothing bad about me I won't say nothin bad about you. :) " - @GinaMarieZ

That was pretty much the nicest tweet. Here are some others:

Christine's husband Tim caught wind of the whole thing and here's what he had to say to GinaMarie: