BB Canada 3: Godfrey Cuts Bobby's Hair

Godfrey cut Bobby's hair and f***ed it up pretty good in one spot. Heh.

BBCAN3 Godfrey Cuts Bobby's Hair


BB Canada 3: Naeha's Resting Bitch Face Is Simply Amazing.

BBCAN3 Naeha Resting Bitch Face
BB CANADA's Naeha (AllBBUpdates)

Many women possess the "RBF," or "resting bitch face," but very few can top Naeha's of Big Brother Canada 3. She might be THE RBF QUEEN of the entire universe.

Naeha's resting bitch face is some serious shit. Her brows are arched, her eyes are shifty, her lower lip is kicked out and she does not look pleased. She could cut a bitch with those eyes! A quick search on Twitter shows most of the time this is just how Naeha looks while resting - FIERCE!


Big Brother Canada 3 Naeha RBF

BB Canada 3: Kevin and Pilar Make Out

Big Brother Canada 3 Kevin and Pilar Kissing
BBCAN3: Kevin & Pilar kiss

Saturday night ended on a good note for Big Brother Canada's Kevin and Pilar; the two kissed for a minute before falling asleep in their beds.


Kevin is getting all the action in the house this season! Not only do he and Pilar have an attraction, he and Johnny have hit it off, and even kissed as well.

Kevin is playing the game and everyone in it! But is he playing too hard too soon?


BB Canada 3: Kevin Asks Johnny If He's Attracted to Him

Big Brother Canada 3 Kevin Johnny Bromance
BBCAN3's Kevin & Johnny

Even though Big Brother Canada 3 isn't even a week into the season, it's pretty apparent who is attracted to who. One of the couples everyone is talking about is Kevin and Johnny.

Of course Johnny is gay, and Kevin is straight, but the two definitely share a bond. Kevin had some questions for Johnny and his sexuality and after getting a shoulder massage from him Thursday night.

"If we had that cream I'd give you a good rub down," Johnny said to Kevin as he rubbed his back. "Not THAT kind of rub down!" 

After Johnny works on a couple knots in Kevin's back, Kevin blurts, "Question Johnny." He gets up from his massage and moves to the other side of the room. "About sexual attraction. It's like, you're attracted to certain guys, right?"

"Yep," responds Johnny.

"Am I one of those guys?"


"I'm tryna like . . . If I was sexually attracted to a girl, and they cuddled with me and flirted with me and had fun with me and stuff, but I knew they were never going to go farther than that . . . that would be frustrating to me."

"It's a little frustrating, but..."

"I mean, I don't want to be a tease," Kevin worried.

"No, no, I know that it's not going to go anywhere." Johnny assured him.

"Okay, cool, cool."

So there ya have it. It's a bromance and it's going to stay a bromance. According to Kevin. We'll just have to wait and see if that's true.

BB Canada 3 Fans Evict Risha

Big Brother Canada 3 Risha Evicted
Risha and Pilar of BBCAN3

To kick off the Big Brother Canada 3 season with a bang, BBCAN3 fans were given power to evict the very first houseguest.

It came down to 'Risha' Denner, the 41-year-old blonde whose boobs were constantly on display, and Pilar, a sweet, goofy non-threat.

Now, the only reason I mention Risha's boobs every time I talk about her is that she made it ALL ABOUT THE BOOBS.

So she has fake boobs? (And they are huge.) Fine. I'm not gonna cap on her for that. I really wanted to like Risha from the beginning but when all she offered up was melons on a platter, it made it hard to take her seriously. Every single outfit we saw her boobs. Hell, she even got them out in the hot tub the second day.

Risha became a joke. Her boobs defined her, and that's kind of sad.

BBCAN3 Risha's Tits In Hot Tub
Risha and her boobs' grand finale...

Had Risha put gameplay first, and worried about showing everyone her boobs less, she could have easily beat Pilar. But she gave us nothing . . .  except those massive fun-bags.

The reason Risha was even nominated in the first place is because she was flaunting herself. If she could have downplayed her wardrobe a little and came off less as a threat she could have kept the target off her chest back. I think she actually made people a little uncomfortable in the BBCAN3 house. Uncomfortable also equals 'threat'.

Outside the house fans and alum will love her though. And I bet she'll be REALY fun to party with post finale.

She'll get her meathooks into one of the BB alum, just wait. Heh.


How to watch BB Canada 3 in the U.S.A.

Watch Big Brother Canada 3 Online in USA
Season 3's Kevin

Big Brother fans in the U.S. want in on the BBCAN3 action, but since the 'Hola!' app isn't working for some people on the BBCAN3 website I have another option for you.

UPDATE: If you haven't download the Hola! app for Google Chrome first, here's instructions, it seems to be working for me now.

To watch Big Brother Canada Season 3 episodes and BBCAN3 live feeds (if Hola! isn't working for you) visit TVNutters. Make sure you follow him on Twitter (@BBNutters) for all the latest as well.

Enjoy, it looks like it's going to be a great season!