UTOPIA: Bri Worries Sex With Chris Will Make Her Homeless

Bri Chris Utopia Sex Bris TV
Bri worries her sex scenes will disgust her Catholic parents

It seems UTOPIA's Bri is worried about her late night romp with Chris. The clip of Bri and Chris having sex aired during UTOPIA's first episode and she's worried about what her parents will think.

While talking to Aaron Thursday morning, Bri revealed that she might not have a home to return to after UTOPIA. She said she's worried her parents will greet her with, "We no longer recognize you as our daughter."

Aaron asks if she thinks it will really be "that bad?"

"Oh, yeah! My parents don't even hold hands. I've never seen my parents hold hands. EVER," responds Bri. She continues:

"There is NO public display of affection. They're so conservative...traditional Catholic. And the first night, I'm like in bed with Chris. You know what I mean? They've seen the pomegranate tree, the hay loft... the hay loft made the cut on the first episode! .... So that's out there. No family to go home to, for sure."

Bri tells Aaron she is going to be a "hobo" when she leaves UTOPIA. Aaron makes light of the situation, telling her she won't be a hobo, at least not for 52-weeks. Bri says that's only true if she doesn't get booted off the show in the next week...

Sounds like someone might be regretting her decision to have sex with Chris so soon. (But not regretting it enough to stop begging for it every night.) D'oh!

UTOPIA: Why You Should Be Watching.

Utopia Fox Reality TV Show
UTOPIA is my new reality TV obsession!

I'll admit, like most Big Brother fans, I was a little leery of watching FOX's new reality show, UTOPIA, at first. Sure, it has live feeds, but could it keep my interest?

I only caught up on the show's episodes this week, and just started watching the live feeds five days ago, but already, I'm hooked.

I've noticed that Big Brother fans don't seem to want to give UTOPIA a chance. They heard from someone, somewhere, that UTOPIA sucked and so they aren't even trying to watch it. However, BB fans pretty much hate everything, including Big Brother most of the time, so I'm not too shocked that they're already ripping into it. So here I am, telling you why YOU should be watching this refreshing reality show.....just hear me out.


1. Free Live Feeds
The quality of the live feeds is superb, and you don't have to pirate them from some questionable website, lol. (If you can't stand the ads on the free feeds, you only have to pay $4.99 a month for ad-free live feeds. Cheap!)

2. It's Not Scripted
UTOPIA is about as real as a reality show is going to get. There are no scripted Diary Room sessions like Big Brother (I have begun to loathe DR sessions) and these people have absolutely ZERO filters!

3. It's a True 'Social Experiment'
The cast of UTOPIA have a LOT more problem solving to do than anyone on Big Brother ever has - or Survivor, for that matter. They started without electricity, toilets, or basic human needs. They are literally building their own society from the ground up. This includes governing their own people, and creating their own economic future.

Utopia Bella Letra
Bella, you entertain us so! (Photo cred: @neonne)
4. Batsh*t Bella
Someone on Twitter gave Bella that nickname and I'm sticking with it. Bella is a Utopian who is most concerned with creating a sustainable garden and farm in UTOPIA. She has been met with a lot of resistance and has a mental breakdown at least three times a day. Every day.

Utopia Nudity Naked Cast Reality TV
Nudity is common in Utopia
5. Nudity and Sex
Okay, call me perverted, but the no bras, naked bathing/swimming sessions and barn sex is kind of fun. Apparently UTOPIA includes very little clothing and lots of love.

6. Drama
Yes, UTOPIA has it's fair share of drama, and it's all genuine. In only a couple of weeks there have been numerous alcohol related incidents, full-on fights - some physical, and the tears are plentiful. It's "utopia" for reality TV fans.

Watch the UTOPIA live streams at the official UTOPIA site, or watch the two free streams live on YouTube:   CAM 1  |  CAM 2

And make sure you tune into UTOPIA's Twitter account it's really interactive and fun!

Derrick's Wife, Daughter, Say "Holla, Daddy!"

Big Brother 16 Derrick Holla Bbay Daughter
Derrick is shocked to hear his daughter say, "Holla!"

For some fans (like me), this season of Big Brother hasn't been very exciting. It's been pretty predictable and all, but I'm not going to lie, there have been some great moments as well.

Like this one.

Derrick Levasseur, who will most likely be crowned winner of Big Brother 16 next week, received a treat from BB this week. When he least expected it, Derrick received a sound byte of his wife and daughter that was aired throughout the house.


It was about the most adorable thing you've ever heard.

It's sure to be an emotional reunion for Derrick, his wife and daughter next week. <3


BB16's Devin Shepherd Is Deleting All Social Media Post FInale

Big Brother 16 Devin Shepherd Deleted Twitter
Devin says he wants some privacy

Big Brother 16's Devin Shepherd has announced that he will delete all social accounts after the show's finale next week. Devin says he is ready to get back to having a little privacy in his life. Besides, he's probably tired of all the lame "Devin has a daughter" jokes.

Devin wrote on Facebook Tuesday:

"Thank you for all the support this summer! It's been amazing!!! But now it's time to get back to a private life! Deleting FB.. The rest of social media will follow the deleted path after the finale show..
Much love to you all - DSHEP"

Big Brother 16 Devin Twitter

Will you miss him?

UTOPIA: Live Feeds, Year-Long Reality Show

Utopia Reality Show 2014
I'm quickly becoming obsessed with UTOPIA!

Have you heard of FOX's new reality show, UTOPIA? Well, if you're a Big Brother fan you might want to check it out, you may like it.

Catch up on full episodes of UTOPIA here

Like Big Brother, UTOPIA has live feeds. Four camera views are available, but only 2 are free. You can upgrade your account to premium for $4.99/month.

The free UTOPIA live feeds have annoying ads that pop in and out of your stream, interrupting your viewing. Of course it seems to always happen in the middle of a good conversation. The ads are pretty lame.

The premium UTOPIA live feeds are ad-free, you have voting rights, you can rotate the cameras, and you have more content on the UTOPIA website. I have not bought the premium live feeds, but I am considering it. Somehow you can get a coupon code for preview access, but I'm not quite sure how yet. However, $4.99 is about the price of a cup of coffee, so it's a pretty good deal. There are no season long passes, and no flashback feature yet.

Watch the UTOPIA live feeds here

 UTOPIA is intriguing. It reminds me a lot of The Colony, a Discovery Channel based reality show. I really liked The Colony so UTOPIA immediately appealed to me.

UTOPIA is a group of people who create their own world for one year. They will build their world by creating their own society, government, rules and commerce. They have VERY limited resources and must work together to create a thriving community.

One Utopian is pregnant, another has alcohol issues, two Utopians have already had sexual relations and have since broken up - it's pretty wild.

Two new Utopians are introduced to the group occasionally and one is chosen to stay. That person then replaces another person in the group. There will always be a large group of people as cast members aren't "evicted" or "banished" as they are on other reality shows. (Oh yeah, and there is NO PRIZE MONEY, no winner, in Utopia.)

Check it out, you might like it. I'm obsessed.

Let me know your thoughts on UTOPIA!

Get YOUR small business involved with UTOPIA!
Want to be a UTOPIAN? Casting information here!

Frankie Evicted From Big Brother 16

BB16 Frankie Grande Evicted
Sorry Ariana, Frankie Grande evicted from the BB16 house!

Yesterday was the taping of tonight's "LIVE" eviction (lol) and of course Big Brother 16 fans leaked that Frankie Grande was (allegedly) evicted.

We have no proof of this, the BB16 live feeds are down until after tonight's episode airs on the West Coast, but the rumor is strong. Instead of boos, we hear the audience cheered as he was evicted. Cheers of joy, of course.

As for the new Big Brother 16 HOH, the RUMOR is that it's Victoria, Cody Derrick. The comp is a 'Before & After' comp, so it wouldn't be too far fetched of a rumor. 

Watch Frankie's eviction on Big Brother 16 tonight at 9pm EST/PST, only on CBS.

Will you be glad to see Frankie go?